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((( This is a Alice No Kuni Role Play avatar ( and my Oc Marcus Wade ) English name Alice in the Country of hearts. He will always be in character unless you ask to speak to me personal. There will be three characters. Black Joker/ White Joker, Marcus and Ace))

User Image[i"] White Joker "Welcome My friend~ There is no need to be afraid come sit down and feel at home."

User Image Black Joker " BLEH Yuck if your going to visit my profile at least be good looking a*****e."

User Image White Joker " Don't insult our guests... it makes me look bad."

User Image Black Joker " Don't tell me what to do idiot, stay and look around if you want... JUST DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING"

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Marcus Wade : Someone is grumpy today...

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Ace: " Hahahahaha Joker is always like this'


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Harise Tyabbi Report | 08/26/2013 8:41 am
Harise Tyabbi
Well hi there! *giggle* It is nice to meet you! My name is Harise~ heart

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Since you are new, I guess I can 'spam' you. ^^ heart

User Image

heart heart heart Anyways, it was awesome meeting you. Bye~ heart

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Francis Bonnefoy honhon Report | 08/26/2013 8:31 am
Francis Bonnefoy honhon
Ve~ Well-a hello new person! It-a is so nice to meet someone new! How are you?! oh wait! I-a guess I could introduce myself. I-a am the Country of Italy! Ve~

User Image

This is me! Oh, and I-a dont think I-a have told you-a this, but I-a love PASTA!!!!!!!

User Image

Anyways~ nice to meet you! ve~ heart
Greece loverofcats Report | 08/26/2013 8:10 am
Greece loverofcats
Hello, new person....I am...the Country of Greece...And I like cats....Cats are interesting creatures...And are beautiful...Like my wife...Ursula....But...You can only look...At my wife....

User Image

Isn't she beautiful...? *sigh* Anyways....

User Image person....
Sebbie The demon Butler Report | 08/26/2013 7:55 am
Sebbie The demon Butler
I have been informed that A new comer has indeed, come to us and have joined on this 'online world' of Gaia. I shall now greet you 'new comer'

User Image

User Image

Greetings, sir. ^-^
Maki Tyabbi Report | 08/26/2013 7:45 am
Maki Tyabbi
Hey, 'Marcus Wade' or whoever you are...I guess...Welcome...?
Francis Bonnefoy honhon Report | 07/22/2013 12:27 pm
Francis Bonnefoy honhon
But I-a don't like being a girl!!! It is-a not fun! And...Things? Eek! What kind of things!? You are-a scary!!!!!!!!!
EdoElric296 Report | 07/16/2013 3:56 pm
'Little punk'??

User Image

'Tiny boy'?!?!

User Image


User Image

You better be careful where you LEAVE that wine glass, then, buddy, you never know WHAT I might put in it!! You're not even a real human, you jerkface!!

User Image

Look what happened to the LAST guy who called me short!!

User Image

Oh, you're scared NOW, aren't'cha, douche nozzle!! Oh yeah...I can HEAR the whimpering from you now!!

User Image

BEG for my mercy, now, dork-boy, c'mon! Oh, and by the way...

User ImageUser Image

SO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User Image
EdoElric296 Report | 07/16/2013 2:35 am
Your profile says to 'Remind me to update my interests' I AM!

*stares, stifles a snicker and points*

Are you really getting your a** handed to a PLUSHIE?!

User Image
zombie296 Report | 01/15/2013 7:57 pm
*opens hatch, looks out...sly grins forms as she crosses her arms lazily*

Well, now...aren't you an interesting specimen...

*snatches Tiki by the throat, flings him bodily into the ship's hold!*

Little boys shouldn't wander the docks night...with ME around. You ARE rather...pretty, after all...

*her devious, evil, GREEDY giggles echo as she closes the hatch...*
EdoElric296 Report | 01/15/2013 6:11 pm
User Image



"Open your eyes, Alice. Look in the mirror."

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