The important ones~.<3



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First things first, I have a name, it's Bia. Please, use it.

The Important Ones.
It's simple. Hurt them, you die.

Gypsies and Voodoo, Masticated Marshmellows, Patzu, Rapscallion Nightmare, Miasma, Castle Romeo, Beasty Gimmick, Nereid_Regulus and any anons.
Thank-you, very much for your kindness, and I hope to pay you all back, one day <3

Now, onto me.
I'm a wee little thing, standing at 5'3".
I listen to pretty much anything. Really, it depends on where my head is at~.
I tend to get along better with people who have a sense of humor, and don't take themselves too seriously.
I have a habit of putting peoples' feelings before mine.
I'm paranoid 24/7, and awkward.
I love love love awkward people.
Used to smoke a lot; pot and cigarettes. Now I barely smoke either.
I don't drink all that much anymore.

Pretty important.
I have mood snaps often. Sometimes they'll last an hour or two, other times they'll last up to 3 days. If I'm speaking to you as my mood does snap, and you've done nothing wrong, please don't take it or anything I say to heart. Just leave me be, and I'll come to you with an apology. I know it's probably incredibly weak sounding to a lot of you, but always know that my apology is 100% sincere. There will be times in said mood snap that there will only be certain people that I can tolerate, and they are the people who are closest to me.
If you can't handle this sort of thing, it's probably best not to talk to me, to avoid it. It sounds incredibly mean, but I'm tired of people leaving my life, just because of something I have no control over.


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