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Why do I still come back
sports anime is my jam
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Follow me on Tumblr

I like sports anime for some reason.
I watch other animes too and I'm a boring person that doesn't
know what else to write.

I like to listen to Trailer / Neo Orchestra music
(Like Thomas Bergersen) and Jazz.
There's also Vocaloid but not every type of genre,
more like AVTechNo style, you should check it out.
Oh and Soundtracks like Final Fantasy.

Love every art, you may visit my journal!


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Javier Cross Report | 07/28/2014 3:13 pm
I can understand if Kirito may have to be the one to end the bloody war, but Journey-wise, shouldn't we be hearing of his comrades-at-arms like Klein more frequently than what we've
got in the 14 episodes of Season 01's first half, exactly?
That is very sad, and presence-wise, Agil reminds me of one of the people I'd have role-played in use a long time ago. sad


Recon not owing up to said potential makes it worse than realized, sure he's allowed to have affections for Leafa and there's nothing wrong with having them,
but balance it out by doing something amazing by Alfheim standards at least, don't just develop in terms of personality no matter how badly the development is needed.

My main reasoning for sympathizing with most if not all the cast* is that most of them reminds me of my role-play profiles for the people I'd RP with.
Even despite all that and the Music, there isn't enough consequences at work going on, and I fight to make sure that consequences are working
for them as best as possible. sad

1.) (yes, even Leafa despite the fact that she doesn't remind me of someone I'd use for role-playing so much as she reminds me of a close
friend of mine and someone she'd use for role-play regards instead. emo
I don't wanna elaborate too much on how I might want Leafa to feel more like Miss Mami Tomoe in terms of temperament or presence either, sure the affections
may remain but the presence has to exist.)
Javier Cross Report | 07/28/2014 2:30 pm
Klein did lead a bunch of SAO survivors to make sure they don't die all over the place for 2 years straight, but we never got to see too much of it
on-screen, sadly speaking. emo
There's been more to Agil than first glances suggest, but all we got to see was the shop-keeper.

Recon has so much more potential to be more than he is, but at the moment he's lucky to develop at all, really.


I am trying to not put the compare and contrasting with Madoka Magica(which got away with common grounds with the Potter-world and Dot Hack when they appear.) too much, Anime-wise.
Because Anime-wise, I desperately want to hope it'll be a far closer call than first glances implied, for all the right reasons.

Maybe World-wise if they could manage it for that matter.
Javier Cross Report | 07/27/2014 4:35 pm
More Male Residents aside from Kirito, Agil and Klein worth mentioning, right?(Or even Recon for that matter, just not as much as Agil or Klein?)

The Potter-world and Dot Hack(.Hack) when they have interesting males do keep in mind to have them do things rather than simply just be there, from time to time.
Javier Cross Report | 07/27/2014 4:04 pm
Do you think SAO could prove itself a cut above the rest in terms of positive receptions being well-earned and hard-fought?
Javier Cross Report | 07/27/2014 3:43 pm
I doubt it's simply to be worshiped as a Powerful-Mortal-Turned-Divine-Being and I doubt even more it'll be to save all life on the Planet either.

Between how the only newcomers from Alfheim with any development whatsoever in the Anime were Suguha/Leafa and Recon, most of the SAO survivors
got short-shifted without too much positive development worth noting(Agil's family runs a cafe but after that and before the final episode of Alfheim's Anime Arc, never heard of again during
the course of that Arc until the end.) and while most of the Alfheim Antagonists are actually malicious, most of the majority are brain-dead more or less, all in all serves as a bad combination
to deal with, right?
The lack of other Newcomers than just Suguha and Recon developing into people in their own right don't help matters much either if at all.
From what I've seen of Gun Gale(Anime-wise) there might be some modicum of hope they'll fix and re-balance the development issues, plus a lot of the Antagonists in Gun Gale
are both Malicious and not-at-all-brain-dead if it means anything thus far.
Regardless on how Gun Gale ends, I can only hope they'll keep it up without the errors of SAO's first season(both Aincrad and Alfheim, more Alfheim than Aincrad Anime-wise) following it,
I actually want to know that World-wise there be something to make The World of Madoka Magica break a sweat and maybe make it a far closer call, Anime-wise contrasted with the first season of SAO.

Kill La Kill manages to be Crazy-Awesome, Fun and Innovative, plus at least the Power-Boosts there do factor in personal developments at work, personality-wise
and with ideals, I feel sad that a lot of Modern-day Battle Shonen have neglected such things factored in, generally speaking. sad

Gurren Lagann indeed has the right amount of Power Boosts worth noting, no questions asked.

Exactly the point.
Javier Cross Report | 07/27/2014 2:57 pm
As all of Black Zetsu's planning was to release Kaguya herself along with The Ten Tails and bring the spirit of the Shinju Tree Back once more, correct?

Probably some Genetic 'Fluke' of some kind or another, but either way without more info, your point is reasonable.

Well I heard about The Golden Byakugan somewhere outside of Gaia if it means anything, you could ask him sometime to know more.

Better Development than what they got in the first half of Season 01 of SAO, and Far Better Development than they generally got at the Alfheim Half of Season 01, amen to that?
At least Anime-wise, I reckon I'll happily agree to the second part hands down, with bonus kudos on them if that world has Stronger Consequences than both Naruto and Inheritance for good measure.
No point with the Power-Boosts if Personal Developments don't play a factor first after all. (Huzzah to Dot Hack and Madoka Magica for remembering as much.)

For Naruto and Inheritance(yes the Cross-media noting's a must-have!) I don't think them just being Modern-day Shonen should be used as an
excuse in all honesty, because you try telling that to Gurren Lagann and Alternate-Galaxy-wise, its entirety will laugh on your face if you did that.
Try it on Tenchi Muyo?The same thing.
The last one's no Shonen at all, but you even attempt it on The Dresden Files and that'll be the least of your worries.

I'm pretty sure you get the point.
Javier Cross Report | 07/26/2014 10:24 pm
That is rather nuts if Kaguya had both the 'Sharinnigan'(a combination of the Sharingan and the Rinnegan) and (Golden) Byakugan Eyes before she got the Fruit from the
Shinju Tree in play, though I wonder if either of those eyes had those supernatural powers they've always been shown to have In-World before the Fruit-eating.

I called it on Hagoromo's name being that of the Sage after you mentioned his name.

So if Indra(named after a Warrior God of the faiths of India, and of which it was said Olympian High King Zeus was inspired by, in fact.) was the more Violent-by-default,
and Ashura had to inherit his father's concerns for their people's well-being the hard way, I can't believe that World-wise something about all this got lost in translation somewhere.

If the Kaguya Clan is a cousin to the Hyuga/Hyuuga clan, then the Kaguya clan was named after some being that went Primordial after eating the Fruits of A World Tree in that case.

The Golden Byakugan Eyes are said to be able to Displace and Send people somewhere else by Reality-Warping, not too sure on Reality-Erasing Warping Reality to send a person
somewhere else is also within it's capabilities, along with having 360 vision in fact.
Best to google for more info about the Golden Byakugan Eyes, I am not making them up and I put my account and its groups on-the-line here!

I once wanted to strangle both Naruto and Inheritance to Near-Extinction Experiences, but now I mostly just pity both,
but either way you put it the both of them have overused and abused the Power-Creeping for far too long.

I do hope that despite not being too fond of it for the most part, Sword Art Online develops the decency to take the Higher, Harder Road than both did
and not go overboard with the Power Creep amounts in frequencies.

The Best Power Boosts are the sort you only need to fire, once, ideally speaking.
Maybe Twice if you can get away with it, but more than 4-5 times over and there is something wrong with you somewhere.
Javier Cross Report | 07/26/2014 6:03 pm
So much for that idea considered.

Was that before or after she took the fruit of the Shinju Tree, which is apparently is a variant of The World Tree by chance?

Hagoromo's the one who became The Sage, right?
Why didn't Hashirama get the Rinnegan aside from how it would have given that world Even More Plot-Holes than Swiss Cheese that already exists?

Hamara's kids sound like ancestors to the Hyuga/Hyuuga clan more than anything then, really.

The Golden Byakugan may beg to differ, but then again that's a Non-Standard Form of the Byakugan and rendered moot because Kaguya has both, correct?
That's just krap!

I wonder between the Inheritance series by Paolini and Kishimoto's Naruto with which of the two have more plot-holes, really.
Javier Cross Report | 07/26/2014 4:58 pm
This is rather nuts when you think about it, wasn't it noted that the Sharingan and the Byakugan share common ancestry in some respects?

Also, couldn't Orochimaru have tried his luck with Obito Uchiha exactly?
Javier Cross Report | 07/26/2014 4:38 pm
Which is bogus to say the least, and if it doesn't end with Sasuke Power-stripped will just make matters worse.

Orochimaru could always have the good old college try of snatching a variant of the Byakugan if it helps.

I haven't forgotten, somebody else mentioned it.



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