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Hey everyone, I'm not sure many of you will care or even read this. But, I'm slowly getting bored of Gaia. I don't plan on officially quitting anytime soon, I'm most likely just going to go on a hiatus. School is really becoming my main priority and well the site is also getting boring. I have provided you with some other ways to keep up with me [my instagram, twitter, and tumblr] if you want more ways to stay in touch with me shoot me a pm and if we are close enough I might give ya another form to stay in touch, [cell number, facebook, or skype.]

So yeah, much love everyone.

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Name: Cheyenne
Nicknames: Chey, Flo and Bitter.
Age: 21.
Status:Taken in RL 2//23//2014
Where I call Home: TX.
Am: Happy. Energetic. Annoying. Flirty. Interesting. Loved. Stubborn. Slightly AD-HD. Kind. Caring. Motherly. Art&&Sign Whore.
Annoyances: Newbs. Snobs. Know-It-All's. Ex's. No Gold. Repeating myself. Distance. Not being home. Having someone trying to control me. Over-thinking. Curfews. Cold weather. Slow drivers.
Likes: My Friends. Scene style. Cheetahs. Cat prints. Neon Colors. Photography. Lakes. Most Music. Family. Tattoos. Piercings. Working out. Animals. When a Guy Sings. Role-playing. Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire Cat. Nail Polish. Juicy. Keys. Chocolate. Masks. Country Music. Modeling. Eyeliner. Cartoons. Disney. Peppermint Make-outs. Country Boys. Trucks.

I'm on and off this account and my other two. My other accounts are LoveGasmz and MicroCore. If you want you may add those accounts to keep up with me.

Also feel free to follow my daily life on my Instagram,Tumblr, or Twitter

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