ιѕн ¢υяяєитℓу:


тнιѕ ιѕ тнє ѕтσяу σf-~●
♥вυт уσυ ¢αи ¢αℓℓ мє вιтт♥
:f♥ ѕouя ♥ αρяιℓ ♥ ѕwє3тιє {ღ}

נυѕт Tнє gιяℓ nєχt dσσя ♥ α яσмαnTιc αт ѕωєєт ♥ ναмριяє αт мι∂иιgнт ♥ ωιтн тнє мι∂∂ℓє иαмє αωєѕσмє ♥ ¢ℓσѕєт ρσєт ♥ ραяαиσямαℓ вσσкωσям ♥ єαяρнσиєѕ gℓυє∂ тσ мυѕι¢¢к fяєαк ♥ ¢яαzу ρєяѕσи ∂αи¢ιиg ♥ ѕнσωєя ѕιиgєя ♥ ѕ¢αяf fαиαтι¢ ♥ ∂ιѕиєу gℓσмρєя ♥ уσυиg ρα∂αωαи αттяα¢тє∂ тσ ∂αяк ѕтυff ♥ ¢υяяєит ѕнιρ: α∂νєитυяє тιмє ♥ яєα∂ му fι¢ѕ, αѕк мє α ѕιℓℓу qυєѕтισи, ѕυвмιт ѕσмєтнιиg..ѕραякℓу, gινє мє fαимαιℓ ρℓєαѕє ♥ нєαят мє, вєfяιєи∂ мє. ♥ ι ∂αяє уσυ тσ. ♥ ρяσмιѕє ι ωσи'т вιтє. мυ¢н...♥

♥ ღ ♥

~уσυ σℓινєѕ&&єℓєρнαит נυι¢єѕ~33●

♥ яєqυєѕтιиg αят ∂яαω мє ♥
∂σи'т fσяgєт тσ єиℓαяgє ιт тσ ѕєє тнє ωσя∂ѕ / ιтємѕ




уσυ ¢αи υѕυαℓℓу fιи∂ мє: ѕнσρριиg ιи ℓα νι¢тσяιє ♥ ρσѕтιиg υρ∂αтєѕ ιи тнє g¢∂ ♥ мαкιиg fяιєи∂ѕ ιи тнє ¢нαттєявσχ ♥ єχρєяιмєитιиg ωιтн му αναтαя ∂яєѕѕυρ ♥ вυуιиg fяσм тнє αятѕнσρ ♥ ¢σℓℓє¢тιиg ιтємѕ fяσм тнє мρ

χσχσ && мσяє33●~<3●



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Report | 04/20/2016 4:33 am


Its a no problem hehe yum_puddi

Report | 04/19/2016 12:32 am


Happy birthday yum_puddi

Report | 04/18/2016 10:38 pm


THANK YOU!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! (Its the day after here now xD) > u<!!!

Report | 04/07/2016 7:34 pm


oh i see. i'ts a pretty avi though.
It's hot over here like you want to stay home for the entire day.
You're toasting like a chicken if you go outside lol but the weather is good though.
I just dont like too much heat. It burns my skin and I feel like bringing
umbrella everyday when I go to work. Your class is not over yet?
It's summer vacation here so classes are off until june.
I love spring though we don't have it here. I'd like to go swimming
with my friends but it seems like their quite busy sad btw, do you still draw?

Report | 04/03/2016 6:51 am


hello sweetie. Whew, cute avi you got there! I love all your avis tbh! heart adventure time is a tv show and your recent avi reminded me of the character Marceline.
She's a vampire heart Speaking of yu gi oh, im a big fan of it. I watched the anime. I even had cards but i lost it lol... if you're gonna be famous, I'll be your no. 1 fan then wink
how's it going lately? it's summer here and most people go to the beach or do some cool outdoor activities like canyoneering,trekking, etc. I went out to a pool resort
yesterday though, had so much fun with my colleagues...

Report | 03/23/2016 9:41 am


haha i know, but not an adventure type of avi. I found your avis so unique like it reflects your personality and what you want to be ^_^
Thank you! I always like to make cute avis, sometimes daring, sometimes clutter when i feel bored lol. ^_^
It's indeed changed, but there are some people playing and keep coming back here despite the new system.
It's a home to me tbh. It's like a place where I keep coming back to though some of friends aren't here anymore.
I feel happy knowing I still have few friends who stay smile if you want to twin me, just let me know.. imma give you reference wink
same here, other avis inspire me too heart

Report | 03/21/2016 8:18 pm


Aaw. Hehe I'm glad to hear that. whee


Report | 03/21/2016 6:03 pm


Lol thanks. I kinda had a hard time getting this avi
since im running out of gold and eventually spent
my gaia cash...(feeling desperate) but its completed
Now... i like your avi! Its not unusual from all the avis
you made. Ive been good, thanks. Ive been away for
quite awhile cause of work. However, i decided to come
back and keep in touch with my friends here.. ive miss ya
sweetie... its indeed a long time...how have u been?

Report | 03/21/2016 5:55 pm


Oh i see. I was wondering though, but glad to have u back.
Im planning to clean up my friends list too and i will make sure
You wont be deleted 4laugh some of my friends quit and
I havent heard about them.

Report | 03/21/2016 3:49 am


hello bitten. Is this your new account?


❦¢αℓℓ мє +-~-:f♥~вιтт <( ღ }●

♥ яєqυєѕтιиg αят ∂яαω мє ♥