Cosplay of Shishiwakamaru from the shonen series Yu Yu Hakusho

"I am Shishi; a demon who will carve his name into history."

Shishiwakamaru is the leader of Team Uratogi, which team Urameshi fought in the Ankoku Bujutsukai. Shishi was obsessed with getting the fame that winning would bring, and carried a sword given to him by Suzuka, which was called the Banshee Shriek. Shishi beats Kuwabara by trapping him in the Cape of No Return, another of Suzuka's items. Shishiwakamaru was no match for Genkai, though.

Later, he trains under Genkai and enlists in the Makai Tournament, but he is defeated by Hokushin.


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Didnt you ever learn to greet a person before you give them attitude.

iUrameshi Yusuke Report | 10/02/2010 11:57 pm
hey shishi
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Shishi have you seen my glasses? ( .-. )
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Oh My Gawd! It's Shishiwakamaru! XD I love your avy! And profile!


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