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Report | 09/26/2009 10:26 am

Denkou Soshiatae

Hey! You know that boyfriend that I didn't want to date anymore? I'm not. I asked him how he would feel about us just going back to being friends, and he said "Yeah, okay."
and I will gladly take up your offer of free items, from Bind'a Shop.
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Report | 09/14/2009 5:57 pm

Denkou Soshiatae

What I mean is you couldn't see the About Me or my avi or my journal or anything like that. People can't add to my comments of they can't see them...
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Report | 09/14/2009 5:54 pm

Denkou Soshiatae

I know I love it so much!!!! But nothing else shows up, it is all translusent, so I am going to change it.
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Report | 09/14/2009 5:49 pm

Denkou Soshiatae

I'll have to find one that actually shows up...
*runs off to tektek tab*
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Report | 09/14/2009 5:36 pm

Denkou Soshiatae

Um... just look. I hate how all of the cool looking profiles that I like make it so that you can't see the comments or anything!
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Report | 09/14/2009 5:23 pm

Denkou Soshiatae

I'm pretty much fine, but you should check my blog...
I am just trying to edit my profile.
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Report | 09/14/2009 5:12 pm

Denkou Soshiatae

Hey bindy! What's up?
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Report | 09/12/2009 1:14 pm


what are some things you want to sell in ur shop?
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Report | 09/08/2009 4:31 pm


Thats ok, Danke ;]
That picture made up for the belatedness xDD
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Report | 08/30/2009 10:49 pm


danke! awesome pic.
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Report | 08/30/2009 7:42 pm


yeah its ok
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Report | 08/25/2009 6:38 pm


i meant the aquarium fishes since you have alot of them and stuff.
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Report | 08/19/2009 6:58 pm


haha right???
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Report | 08/19/2009 1:39 pm


i want 2 hear the whole song 2 the album is coming out on october 2 im getting i think a video in a little while im not sure if it is a video but anyway as soon as i get it i'll send it 2 u
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Report | 08/19/2009 1:25 pm


oh ya Bill's voice is really high but did u like it?
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Report | 08/19/2009 1:01 pm


Haha thank you!!! GOD HE LOOKS SO CUTE!!!!!!!! He still does even with dreads ^-^
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Report | 08/19/2009 11:59 am

Denkou Soshiatae

It is! So freaking weird!
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Report | 08/19/2009 11:53 am

Denkou Soshiatae

Hey girl! What's up? OMFG my curser is acting so weird! I think it is over heating because it is ultrasensitive or something. It is moving when I have my hand above the track pad, but not on it. and it ceeps popping up in weird places on the screen. Omfgweird! O.O
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Report | 08/18/2009 1:51 pm


want 2 check out the song automatic of tokio hotel before it even comes out or a bit of it?
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Report | 08/17/2009 4:45 pm

S e r_A l i s t a i r

Well, I figured i tell you.

Im am currently working on a Romeo Thread.

(when im done, ill let you know, so you can check it out )

Since well, hes pretty much hidden like shin,

All you see is Kiro, Strify and Yu.

wich isnt a bad thing, But yea.

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