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Yuko Kukaku has extremely high standards. If she ever quotes you in a thread and you don't reply, or retort with a one word reply she will immediately ignore you. Substance is everything and if you can't bring it, go away!

If I know you, you are exempt from this ruling, because you and I can have wonderful one word conversations, because familiarity has bred content between us.

When it comes to roleplaying my siggy is my rpc, also I dub them literary adventures, so if you attempt to rp with me, bring your A game and don't you dare sound generic in your reply, or else it's the boot.

Literary adventure terms.

No one liners, or sound bites: Never copy and paste what you've already used, invoke that brain of yours to generate new material

Adult content: A lot of my characters look quite erotic, this in no way means that I am blatantly sexual when it comes to my roleplays. Anybody who knows me, knows I require a decent story and emotional attachment to all characters involved. If you can't put your heart into the story, don't bother trying to force any other part of you!

Change'em ups: I am constantly changing my character. If we're in mid rp and something happens that pauses the rp, like one player logs off for a long period of time, that roleplay will become void, unless my mood returns to it. I often try to finish stories in one sitting. Then again I am a very fast writer, this entire rules section was written and proof read in five minutes. Be fast be literate!

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The girl without a voice

Just random stuff, probably won't interest anybody


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BumblebeeDm13 Report | 11/13/2017 10:13 am
The Brobot Report | 11/11/2017 12:47 pm
The Brobot
Dont Boop The Snoot Report | 10/15/2017 11:32 am
Dont Boop The Snoot
It's not intentional. Sometimes I have to get a drink or deal with Gaia's slow loading.
Welce Report | 09/14/2017 10:09 am
Nothing is nonsense or a waste of my time. But alright *Pats head*
Welce Report | 09/13/2017 10:08 pm
Hard to reply when the quote is gone. sweatdrop
Dont Boop The Snoot Report | 08/19/2017 10:40 pm
Dont Boop The Snoot
crying shunned
Locke103 Report | 08/07/2017 2:53 pm
you're very much welcome. heart
soultaker espada Report | 08/03/2017 4:03 am
soultaker espada
sorry about not being on much to chat. work and life busy. i hope you are having fun. 3nodding
Shinichi lzumi Report | 08/02/2017 3:21 pm
Shinichi lzumi
Thank you-- I appreciate it, but yea.. I need some space. User Image
Shinichi lzumi Report | 08/02/2017 3:18 pm
Shinichi lzumi
No.. Just feeling depressed.


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