Black Cyanide

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Gender: Male

Location: 5th Level of Hell

Birthday: 10/19/1989

Occupation: a*****e and Krissy's Husband

Me as Skullface!

I'm one creepy son of a b***h.

Any Killing Floor Fans?


Avi Art done by My Love

Something About Me

This is me... Hmmm, funny looking. XDDD

Krissy sez: Funny lookin' my a**. D:< j00 are one sexii beast. xDD I love you. ^^ So much. <3

I don't like talking about myself much...
-but my name is Chris and I'm 20 years old.
My nickname has been Black for as long as I can remember.
I was first given the name by a friend in middle school.
I wore black a lot and I seemed way different from anyone else.
So he called me Black like a "Black Sheep"
-and the name just stuck with me.




My Love

Love You Too, Babe <3

Artwork Done By My Love


BIack Cyanide
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