Help I'm out of control

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I have everything but Lamenting Lucie (two)



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This all the art I have gotten made for me ^^



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          The thing with going out and doing your own thing, is that sometimes there are things that don't work well the first time. Like sleeping in a new place. But you keep at it, and eventually, it settles right in. There's stressing parts about being out on your own, knowing that now you HAVE to do these things on your own. If you take a deep breath and remind yourself that you CAN do it, you'll get it done. You might be a little shaken up about some things at first, but you can do it. (And I know you know that you can. The important thing is to be patient with yourself.) And that's good that you and your mom will stay in touch. It really will make things easier on you, keeping in touch. And if you have questions about the way certain life things should be handled, you can always ask her. She can give you pointers (as that's what my father did for me.)

          Also yes. Animals are wonderful companions when you're on your own. I couldn't take either of mine with me though. Claire's cats were kinda standoffish, and Seph was a territorial kind of cat. Plus, Blackie was a big bunny, and I didn't have a lot of space for my stuff to begin with.

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          It's rough! You wanna get out and see the world, but you worry about the people who you've been near all your life. So it makes things all chaotic and stressful. But yes, it's good that the person you're headed out to stay with is someone you're also close to -- that'll make things much easier. When I'd gone out to Michigan for my trial run, I didn't know anyone else out there, save for Claire, and then my friend Sam (who is also on Gaia, but rarely shows up here anymore?). I missed my dad like hell; but I'd moved out there right around the holidays, which was such a stupid move. My suggestion? Set it up to where you can call your mom frequently. When you miss her really bad, give her a call and talk to her. It helps, for sure. I was doing that with my dad before I moved back here to Vermont. cat_3nodding

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          I'm sentenced to living on this coast for the rest of my life. cat_rofl
          It's where most of my family is, and I've learned that I don't like being too far from them, when things get hard.
          Or someone gets sick.
          I'll get out of Vermont, most likely. But I won't move back across the way.
          I guess I'm just tired of the lifestyle here? I dunno.
          I just know I need something new.

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          I blame it on the fact that I always feel like I'm annoying people.
          But also, I just never know what to say these days.
          As for where I wanna go, I'm not sure yet. I just...
          I know I need out of Vermont again, because I'm unhappy.
          And honestly, I kinda hate it here. cat_rofl

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          Mostly well. cat_3nodding Just tired a lot and itching for another chance to get out of town for a while.
          It's been forever since we spoke last. cat_gonk I'm so bad at keeping in touch.

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          Heyo, dearie! How've you been? emotion_bigheart

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heart heart heart
lR lE lD

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lR lE lD

tektek was removed eons ago b/c of gaia, now we have this sh*tty version of it on gaia and the staff can not even keep it up. emo

they keep running tests on it and disabling it and they won't even add a color sorter.

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tektek died because gaia asked for them to not advertise their own gaia rip off game recolor


Questing Visio's Wings


SDPlus Gaian Loyal ADiTaMi

And help is loved and appreciated!