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Dislikes: Mosquitoes, Fleas, Liars, Thieves, Rude and Disrespectful People, Most of the Human Race.

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Mintyninja Report | 09/23/2016 8:01 pm
And Yes that lizard is me heart So far I'm doing well so keeping my fingers crossed!
Mintyninja Report | 09/23/2016 8:00 pm
Those captcha thingies are bad news! If you keep voting from the start, the captcha won't show. But then you have to vote every turn neutral
0DelicateBalance0 Report | 09/20/2016 12:30 pm
I have big fingers redface Lol
Last ring I had was 11
0DelicateBalance0 Report | 09/20/2016 12:28 pm
Uh no clue. Hang on and I'll try yo find out
0DelicateBalance0 Report | 09/14/2016 12:35 pm
Love your avi it's creepy cute to me. 😍

Aaaaand I'm more into silver.
0DelicateBalance0 Report | 09/05/2016 3:31 pm
Thanks, I saved it
0DelicateBalance0 Report | 09/01/2016 6:14 am
Hey you should send me your avatar without the background. Wanna draw you!
Mistress Kitn Report | 08/26/2016 11:28 pm
Super long overdue, but thank you for the birthday wishes and present!
Life hasnt stopped since my birthday that I havent spoken to anyone.
How have you been?
Qova Report | 08/02/2016 5:23 pm
nice avi emotion_yatta
Mistress Kitn Report | 07/29/2016 10:30 pm

We are naive babies. This is both of our first place ever so we never knew it existed and was needed. We learned the hard way. It was a brutal blow but at least we made it out safe and whatknot. Right, the SOUND. We though it was "The Big One", the earthquake everyone predicts California is supposed to get. I wonder how we will react when that earthquake actually happens. cat_gonk

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