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Registered: 06/06/2007

Birthday: 05/10

Something about me is...

current animes watching:
too many to say honestly, but also watching a lot of KDramas

new thing of 2014, I give away free gold
from as little as 25gold to those gold generator items

not all is up to date :/ but this is pretty much the jist of it

I am in college
╚══`. ¸ . ♥ ♥ M.U.S.I.C.♫ ♫
FOOD- making it, looking at it, eating it, sharing it
cute clothes
romantic stuff - books, movies, anime, items
the SUN - gotta love hot places
Family-my pets also
Video games - Zelda

The songs and avi usually shows whats my current mood in life
but usually I like the romantic look with my own style

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Ceeshnia Report | 02/08/2017 4:20 pm
∰ ♡ Cee says ◦◔ ⩊ ◔◦ ☛


I can't escape! Halp! rofl

What cosplay?

☚ ◦◕ ᴥ ◕◦ so listen ♡∰
Ceeshnia Report | 02/01/2017 7:12 pm
∰ ♡ Cee says ◦◔ ⩊ ◔◦ ☛


I'm still breathing, but stressed as all getup.

It was a dragon.

☚ ◦◕ ᴥ ◕◦ so listen ♡∰
Oaze Report | 07/01/2016 9:38 am

oooohhh yeah i usually clear out my friends list of people who havent been active for about a year +
welcome back to gaia? XD

Oaze Report | 06/30/2016 8:00 pm

i gave you a gift?
dude i dont even remember xDD
what did the gift say?

and honestly i don't remember you either so its okay!! ahaha hope you have a nice day? XD

-also i commented on your profile because it wouldn't let me pm you? weird

GrumpehKitten Report | 06/11/2015 6:39 pm
lol Oh yeah. I did get a new name. ahaha I forgot.

I've been okayish. You?
Ceeshnia Report | 01/28/2015 5:17 pm
∰ ♡ Cee says ◦◔ ⩊ ◔◦ ☛

I was thinking of changing it again, but
I don't know to what.
Maybe checkmate blue again.
I just got a couple of blue items.
I've never been able really use
this toxic coloring. I didn't know what
to do, so I just through in the purple.
They need more items of this shade
of purple/fuchsia.

☚ ◦◕ ᴥ ◕◦ so listen ♡∰
Ceeshnia Report | 01/28/2015 4:59 pm
∰ ♡ Cee says ◦◔ ⩊ ◔◦ ☛

No. Bella is never a creep. Unless we can
be creepy together, and then we are the
awesome creepy creeps because Cee is
failing at originality right now since her brain
is shut off.
Hmm... do you want a list of what I'm wearing?

☚ ◦◕ ᴥ ◕◦ so listen ♡∰
Ceeshnia Report | 01/21/2015 1:08 pm
∰ ♡ Cee says ◦◔ ⩊ ◔◦ ☛

emotion_kirakira You are amazing emotion_hug

☚ ◦◕ ᴥ ◕◦ so listen ♡∰
Ceeshnia Report | 01/20/2015 2:18 pm
∰ ♡ Cee says ◦◔ ⩊ ◔◦ ☛

No, no. I just heard that in the UK a lot
more species of flowers are blooming
incredibly early.
I do live in Utah.

Thank you emotion_kirakira
I appreciate it. You could write that if you
wanted to.

☚ ◦◕ ᴥ ◕◦ so listen ♡∰
Water God Ninia Report | 01/19/2015 9:56 am
Water God Ninia
nah, i like all these comments cat_razz


Draw me please
really wants people who can draw whatever avi I'm wearing

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Do you ever wonder as you look at the stars, if theres anything more to this world than what the world tells you?

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