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Laura was peacefully washing the dishes and humming to herself when she suddenly lifted her head and saw you "Honey!" She left the dishes to dry and closed the tap. She then looked at herself

"You should have warned me! I’m such a mess."

She tilts her head and removed the latex gloves, smiling and fixing her hair as she walked towards the living room

"Come here. Take a seat; I have just prepared us some coffee."

She pointed to the couch and smiled charmingly. Walking back towards the kitchen she smiled, making her fully dotted skirt wave behind her.
After a moment, she appeared with a tray filled with a coffee pot, biscuits, sugar and even a few strawberries. She served the coffee and smiled warmly at you, handing you the cup

"You’r here to learn how I ended up here, aren’t you?"

You nod somewhat intrigued at the story. Laura chuckled a bit at your reaction.

"This is what I have always dreamed of! A nice and clean house, fence, small garden, and a husband who always appreciate my cooking and my efforts to make him happy... But he always have a joke or a teasing in his lips. He is so refreshing! niltag is just an angel who saved me from a stressful and uncomfortable life to bring me here, to my paradise. But hey! He also has his little demon part! The one who sneaks out to poke and make me laugh!"

She smiled and sighed happily

"I owe him a lot, you know it? Just look around you, this is fantastic!"

She smiled wider and turned a bit towards the door at the sound of his keys.

"He’s here; he could tell you all about it better than I can!"

She whispered eagerly towards you and then stood. Tilting her head and with a wide smile on her face, she blushed a light pink and smiled warmly at niltag as he entered the house.

"Darling! We have guests!"


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Denji Muto Report | 03/17/2015 11:14 am
Denji Muto
You're welcome whee
Dean_And_Sam_Winchester Report | 03/11/2015 5:41 pm
I sent you a message, please say something. I want to know if still want to roleplay with me. I have noticed that you stopped responding to the recent roleplays, is there a reason why? please tell me, i really want to know. question
Perpetual Patriarch Report | 03/04/2015 10:30 pm
Perpetual Patriarch
Rather enjoying our fun dear.
Dean_And_Sam_Winchester Report | 03/04/2015 9:42 am
I miss you. Please let me know when we can resume roleplaying. sad
Dean_And_Sam_Winchester Report | 02/28/2015 10:44 am
Hi, how are things going on with you. sad
Dean_And_Sam_Winchester Report | 02/25/2015 10:58 am
Is something wrong? crying
Ducks McDuck Report | 02/23/2015 2:57 pm
Ducks McDuck
I'm just fine thanks! You? Do you still RP a lot? emotion_awesome
Ducks McDuck Report | 02/23/2015 2:49 pm
Ducks McDuck
Lord, we haven't spoken in a looong time emotion_jawdrop
Twizted_desire Report | 02/19/2015 1:47 am
I love our RP, but I don't know where to lead it.
Murcielago Kuroko V2 Report | 02/13/2015 8:02 pm
Murcielago Kuroko V2


A perfect life!

Rp anyone?