So here I am.

I'm 18/F and my name is Sydney.
I'm unattached, cis female, identifying as female, straight.
I just started my freshman year of college in Boston this past August.
Studying Computer Science with a minor in Communications and then going into Library Science.

I've been writing poetry for eight years.
I am hoping to one day publish my work as a book, but I am currently working to publish pieces in other publications and get my name out there.
I am considering branching out into spoken word poetry next year.
I've been doing photography for five years.
I haven't been able to take photos often at all, and hope to purchase a new camera and rekindle my passion later on.
I've been doing graphic design for four years.
I frequently mix all of my artistic passions together, from using my photos in designs/images or making images out of my poems, etc.

I love literature, specifically the Historical Fiction genre.
No surprise there, considering you saw the Library Science bit up there, no?

I love the sport of hockey, specifically the Boston Bruins.
I fell in love with the sport in late 2010 and have been a fan ever since.
I play fantasy hockey and hope to intern within the Bruins organization sometime in my Junior/Senior years.
I do follow the entire NHL and keep up with major events in other leagues on a global and north american scale.
My favorite position is defenders, similar to what I played during my eight/nine years playing soccer; my favorite defenders have to be the roommate pair of Adam McQuaid and Dougie Hamilton.
I'm working to meet more players and attend more events as I am now a part of the city of Boston and will be here for at least three more years.

I'm not quite sure what to say about myself.
I love pokemon, harvest moon, animal crossing, minecraft, starcraft, age of the empires, neverwinter, and have played many other games.
I'm shy but rather easy going, when I get comfortable around people I open up much more.
I've been on gaia since.. 2004? Always on this account.
I don't play much anymore but I do visit from time to time.

Also known as sydquaza on tumblr.
Also known as immaskitty on skype.


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