So here I am.

I'm 19/F and my name is Sydney.
I'm unattached, cis female, identifying as female, straight.
I'm starting my sophomore year in college in Boston.
Dual majoring with two bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Communications along with obtaining a master's degree in Library Science.

I've been writing poetry for eight years.
I am hoping to one day publish my work as a book, but I am currently working to publish pieces in other publications.
I've been doing photography for five years.
I've been doing graphic design for four years.
I frequently mix all of my artistic passions together, from using my photos in designs/images or making images out of my poems, etc.

I love literature, specifically the Historical Fiction genre.
No surprise there, considering you saw the Library Science bit up there, no?

I love the sport of hockey, specifically the Boston Bruins.
I fell in love with the sport in late 2010 and have been a fan ever since.
I do follow the entire NHL and keep up with major events in other leagues on a global and north american scale.
My favorite position is defenders, similar to what I played during my eight/nine years playing soccer; my favorite defenders have to be the roommate pair of Adam McQuaid and Dougie Hamilton.
My ultimate goal is to work within the hockey industry one day, but I've been setting myself up in a position to have opportunities outside of that in case I need to rely on them.

I'm not quite sure what to say about myself.
I love pokemon, harvest moon, animal crossing, minecraft, starcraft, age of the empires, neverwinter, etc.
I'm shy but rather easy going, when I get comfortable around people I open up much more.
I've been on gaia since.. 2004? Always on this account.
I tend to lurk now and merely vend on the marketplace.

Also known as Moosetache on flightrising.
Bella Doe


I appreciate any and every gift, wishlist or not. Thank you!