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Really Random Stuff About Me (updated some things Nov 10, 2013)

Name: DM (Whoever guesses my real first and middle name wins a cookie, ok not really...)


Kreva (Japanese rapper)
Japanese stationery and stickers
chili cheese dogs
chili cheese nachos
chili cheese burgers
italian sausage sandwiches
having enough money to buy whatever I want (unfortunately I don't)
praying mantises
old Sonic The Hedgehog games
Knuckles from STH
lip balm
those collectible Japanese erasers from Iwako and Zensinsyoji
just about any erasers
Rock Lee!
pink flowers
Lady Gaga's debut album
CLEAN dreadlocks
Kelly dolls (particularly the cuddly soft and six-inch varieties)
glazed donuts
British bands from the 80's
winter clothes
cute Asian children (most are)
Asian people in general
Publix (grocery store chain that's mostly here in the southeast)
Japanese R&B, hip-hop, and rap
well written One Piece fics
The Partridge Family (70's sitcom with the coolest TV mom EVER)
80's teen flicks (especially comedies)
Mixed Nuts (the movie, not the food)
Border Collies
Australian Shepards
Amazon . com
long list, huh!


various fruit juices (except apple juice),
those shoes that look like dress shoes but are actually slip-on sneakers,
craft stores,
The Dollar Tree (where everything's a dollar! Heee ^___^)


Gnats. Not because they bite me, but because they love to fly around my face, especially when I'm on the comp. I have no idea how they get in the house. Japanese grammar, it's hard to wrap my head around and as a result, it makes me extremely sleepy when I try to comprehend it.
Mean dogs or cats
cooked cabbage
most soul food
apple juice


hot summers (summer in general)
being broke (which I am most of the time)
not having enough money to do anything worthwhile when I'm not broke
bad kids (I worked at a daycare once with a little demon spawn named Marquisha, god, I hated that girl...)
ghetto names like Marquisha and Shaneequa
when people add unnecessary prefixes to otherwise normal names (ex. JaCorey, TyShaun, DeMarcus, etc.)
my great-grandmother who almost never washes her hands but likes to touch EVERYTHING, especially other people's stuff!
ANYONE who doesn't like to wash their hands
most American R&B, hip-hop, and rap
the fookin' huge cockroaches that like to come into your house and rustle around making noise late at night while you're trying to sleep (HATE EM!)
marischino cherries (you know the kind you buy in the jar with that nasty sugary syrup? Yep, THOSE cherries)
housework of any kind
those self-flushing toilets at the mall and department stores (they scare me)

Favorite non-Japanese names:

Belinda & Gabrielle of course ^___^
Nikita (for a boy, not a girl. It was originally a boy's name anyway)
Alan (spelled either way, but I personally prefer A-l-a-n)
Brianna (pronounced Bri-ON-nah, not Bri-ANNA)
Julian, Lorian, and most other boys names that end in -ian

Favorite Japanese names:

Kazuma (pronounced KAHzu-mah, not kuh-ZOOMuh)
Tasuke, Kinnosuke, Ryuunosuke, Yuusuke, and just about any other boy's name with -suke at the end

Favorite Vegetables:

home grown tomatoes
fried green tomatoes

Favorite Fruit: Pineapple, hands down

Favorite Rock Band: Rush

Favorite 80's Pop Band: Duran Duran, baby!

Favorite Decade: 80's

Favorite Animal: Fox

Favorite Seafood: Shrimp. I could eat shrimp everyday for the rest of my life. That's how much I love it

Favorite Ice Creams: Extreme Moose Tracks (with the chocolate ice cream, not the vanilla) & Butter Pecan (without the pecans. I love pecans, just not in ice cream... or cereal for that matter)

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a happy kid Report | 12/22/2014 6:03 pm
a happy kid
a happy kid Report | 12/15/2014 6:31 am
a happy kid
how are you, belinda?
a happy kid Report | 12/07/2014 6:47 pm
a happy kid
Crimson Dragyn Report | 10/20/2014 5:09 pm
Crimson Dragyn
kitty jimin Report | 08/22/2014 7:09 pm
kitty jimin
omfg thank you so much for the gift baby!! its all fine, I'll try my best to get all of em no matter what color they are ;u; <3333 aigooo~ i will so repay you later on! heart heart heart
kitty jimin Report | 08/13/2014 5:19 pm
kitty jimin
no problem bby heart
kitty jimin Report | 08/11/2014 9:57 pm
kitty jimin
oh thats gonna be slightly hard to explain but well if you're using gaia's normal profile /im too lazy to explain the rest/ but when you go to edit profile, click on content and click on media. then when you do that click on edit and put up any tittle that you want or none and then copy/paste any youtube url into the URL case. You'll need to add ?autoplay=1 at the end of the url link (example: you might need to delete some things to let that /v/ alone incase it doesnt work... i tried my best in explaining, if you didnt understand then i can try to find you a tutorial OTLL
GoldenSheepy Report | 08/10/2014 9:09 am
Thankies for the lovely gift sis
Franca Laura Report | 08/06/2014 5:14 pm
Franca Laura
Thank you Belinda Gabrielle (or DM) smile thanks for buying Stray Dogs item heart
kitty jimin Report | 08/05/2014 3:50 pm
kitty jimin
Neh, no problem~ I change the songs on my profile allot so if you would like to hear some that seem like that just ask~ c':



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