Making a new thingy for here.

My Heartless

Type: Tornado Step
Gender: -Male-
Height: -2ft-
Weight: -90lb-

King Loffy.
Puffy Koya.

OMG! poem time! I was cleaning me room. (I gotz a new one) and found a poem that me friend Kilise did for me XD.. it's about Heartless...being heartless... XD


Heartless is what I am,
heartless is what I'll be,
heartless is my soul and my destiny.

Heartless is my heart,
my thoughts, my dreams,
that belongs to the darkest part of me.

I lovez it. Thank you Kilise.

more to come / change



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Gender: Male

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Princesspruprupoosfan Report | 05/18/2015 9:38 pm
Woah! Your profile is awesome! (Pardon me posting with my newb account haha)
M a n i a c a l Giggle Report | 06/22/2012 3:18 pm
Where have you been!
Chrono Phantom Report | 05/22/2012 3:38 pm
Hey Beka!
CielSushi Report | 03/24/2012 7:41 pm
Beka! 8D
Did you talk to my sister? I hope that you like her lol.
Emily Knockout Report | 10/10/2011 11:12 am
haha indeed. wanted to make something, totally not me.
So here you have, Emily, the slutty, bitchy swat officer. :>
Artemis-Sensei Report | 10/05/2011 1:08 pm
heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Psycheko Report | 09/20/2011 11:03 pm
HEEEYYY! biggrin
-SCRU_BALLz- Report | 07/24/2011 10:39 pm
SadisticTampon Report | 07/22/2011 5:41 pm
Thank you for buying <3333
Heretic Kion Report | 05/12/2011 10:41 pm
Thanks for the munies! BUAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!