I have no idea why I'm redoing this but here goes.
I'm a senior in college majoring in Anthropology.
I have no idea why I'm still getting on this site after so many years,
but here I am.
I have a pretty strange sense of humor.
Let's talk about evolution!
I realized one of my talents in life is making awkward situations,
so I use it.
(Hey, I swear people remember you that way!)

Let's get together and feel alright.

My favorite Role play partner passed away.
I miss you matt. R.I.P.

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rachels journal (how original)

hmm my journal will probably jus be stuff about wat i did that day.



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Sirens Sea

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Sirens Sea

I have to go to bed,
but I wish you luck with getting back into gaia! Hope that everything goes smoothly for you.
Feel free to message me or comment whenever you want (:
Have a good night
Sirens Sea

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Sirens Sea

They looks super adorable
good point lol. Usually just stumbling across them seems to work for me to find cute items.
haha, thank you
Sirens Sea

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Sirens Sea

oh gosh I feel ya. Inflation has gotten a bit out of hand.
You are very welcome. I hope you enjoy them or at the very least can sell them and get some items you like ♥
Sirens Sea

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Sirens Sea

good choice! he is so great, love his voice and song lyrics.
Sirens Sea

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Sirens Sea

you are very welcome thank you for listing it!
That is awesome! biggrin

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The Great Exumer

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The Great Exumer

What kind of Anthropology are you Majoring in?

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Thank you very much for the gold smile
X Capital Vices X

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X Capital Vices X

Would you like to RP~?


Questing: Light demon bundle
Crush me?

Yours truly

It's my first time back in over three years..
and inflation is a b***h.
Any donations will make me love you forever