` The Girl.

→ My name is Jessica.
→ I am most likely older than you.
→ I'm in love with a boy named Charles.
→ We've been married since 04/15/13.
→ You can find me lurking the GCD or Paws forum.
→ Math pick up lines make me smile.
→ I'm an emotionally high-maintenance person.
→ I like to sing anywhere I think nobody's listening.
→ I had dreams of becoming a teacher that were killed.
→ I'm a cast member now and it's the best.
→ I don't act my age or even look it.
→ I apparently can draw rather decently.
→ I find doing math problems to be soothing.
→ I have a tendency to be competitive at games.
→ I am a socially anxious person.
→ I have a strong distaste for peas.
→ I absolutely abhor ungrateful people.
→ And oh, I do quite adore comments.

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