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N a m e;
A g e;
(July 16, 1995)

N i c k n a m e s;
Aims, Aymay, Nom, Nomers, Nomnom, Mimzy, Sunny

S t a t u s;
Single, not looking.

R e l i g i o n;

Z o d i a c;

C h i n e s e Z o d i a c;

P e r s o n a l i t y;
Depends on who I'm with but, I'm usually nice unless provoked. If you want to add me send me a pm first and get to know me.

H o b b i e s & I n t e r e s t s;
drawing, painting, photography,baking,internet,movies,anime,manga and swimming,reading

L o v e s;
My sister Bri5ar , icecream trucks,sharks,disney movies, bunnies, hamsters, my "friends",hearts,water,winnie the pooh, coldplay,colorful things, people who smell good, nice random comments

D i s l i k e s;
slutty women who hit on taken men, bullies, being without my love, spiders, being alone, headaches, feeling sick at all, things unorganized or not planned out, sexist and perverted boys, extreme feminists, people who don't attack me directly, people who attempt to hack me, being depressed, losing friends, copy cats, those twilight movies,obnoxious people,prideful people

F a v o r i t e F o o d;
pizza, wantons,ramen,sponge bob mac 'n cheese, spaghetti, burger king,in-n-out,mint choco chip icecream, mo-chi,donuts,kitkats,hot cheeto's, cauliflower, artichokes,twix

L e a s t F a v o r i t e F o o d;

profile song; chinese by lily allen


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