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Who I Am

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- The name is Becky
- My age is for me to know, and you to find out
- Proud and strong supporter of Gay Rights/Marriage
- I'm a Drama Queen.
You have been warned
- I have an open mind.
And speak whatever enters it
- Haters are my motivators
- My emotions are insane
- I'm a huge procrastinator
- I can be a complete b*tch
And the nicest person you've ever known
- I live in my imagination
- Blood and gore make everything better
- I'm afraid of everything that isn't cute or fluffy
- Zombies are adorable
- I'm a Brony
Deal with it
- Crazy yaoi fangirl
- I'm a contradiction
- Love me or hate me; either works
- I'm just me
Not who you want me to be
- This "About Me" needs to be about 20% cooler

♥ In my head, he's mine. ♥

The Little Things

This rare species of Becky appears to be an amazing, sweet, gorgeous, hilarious girl with a kick-a** music taste. At first glimpse, you're stopped in your tracks; your eyes glued to this incredible specimen. But when you learn her ways and stay in her habitat, you learn how strong and trustworthy she is. Ahahaha. I love you, Becky!
~ Amber (Bulletproof Bliss) ~

Wow, there's just so much to say about this girl. She's wild, she's crazy, she's sweet, she's amazing. If you don't love her, well, that's your problem. Despite all her antics, aggressive behavior, and everything that may just turn you off, she's just an amazingly sweet girl. I love you Becky, forever and always.
~ Kevin (Fabulously Kevin) ~

The Music You Hear