i love hunter 101
link 1012345
sasuke uchiha 1012345
Beauty Female Saya
[NPC] Von Helson Sisters
[NPC] Countess Ambrosia
Beauty Female Saya
[NPC] Louie
Count Andrew Von Helson
[NPC] Zhivago

that b***h and slut when she did mess with my friend hunter and my son sasuke & link's life...she stalker hunter and harms my familys and friends. she worst WHORE & SHITASS AND DUMBASS IDIOT SLUT GIRL!

This Angel or Jay and she is my adopt/gaia sister C: if who and someone bully,mess and made fun of my sister or I WILL KILL YOU OR DIE! D< i am very over-protect sister of angel nightmare C:

that b***h BS_101! she mess and rude to hunter!! she stalker and crush on my son Sasuke!! slut stay away from my son sasuke and his friend Hunter!! *slap BS_101* she go hell! -_- ---->

This BladedFlowerShe very good friend and deep care about her friends (real and Gaia both) parents remembered do not mess up with her or I will kick your a**!

This my gaia two son i will warning you do not mess my gaia family or i will kick your a**!

This Count Andrew Von HelsonHe relating to Lord Helson Remember do not mess with him or i will kill you!