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Incredibly special. unhindered by society, I let the flow of my emotions surround me at all times.

Dont particularly give two figs for what others think, and like the currents of the sea, I flow. Though I am emotional, I'm also steadfast in my beliefs, and will topple over the ships of dissaprovers in my way.

Like the sea carries ships, so do I carry the burdens of others, more oft than my own. I am kind and gentle on the inside, even though some may call me impulsive and reckless. I follow my heart, and chase my dreams.

Though I may fill a glass with emotions of kindness, these same emotions can grow hard and cold in a flash, and freeze over that same glass.


If you\'d like a commission
23 | Polyamorous | Very Submissive
Random PM's are perfectly acceptable, but please, speak to me a bit before asking to RP.


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