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Trust Your Story Report | 08/10/2017 6:53 pm
Trust Your Story
xD no worries... magic can be crazy flexible.
Trust Your Story Report | 08/10/2017 4:17 pm
Trust Your Story
Id actually love to see Juno interact with my OC Sera, a fellow kinda magicky superheroine... though shes more an antihero. Magic based Luck manipulation is kinda her jam.
Trust Your Story Report | 08/09/2017 9:12 pm
Trust Your Story
I'd love to hear Juno's some time!

Trust Your Story Report | 08/09/2017 6:30 pm
Trust Your Story
Thanks... she's like the third OC ive almost drowned, starting to worry Im secretly hydrophobi
Trust Your Story Report | 08/09/2017 4:09 pm
Trust Your Story
Sorry for the weird reply to your question, stress and depression is making hard to answer in character
League of Alley Report | 07/18/2017 4:11 pm
League of Alley
heart Please check out my store c: If you see anything you like, feel free to buy! whee
kefkadragon Report | 06/15/2017 5:28 pm
This was actually pretty soft even though it wasn't hot. It didn't have the typical kind of tough soft pretzel skin either. Only sandwich I prefer cold is peanut butter and jelly. Any sandwich with meat or cheese is improved by it being hot.
kefkadragon Report | 06/15/2017 5:05 pm
pretzel bun sandwich I should've said. It was ok, but my dad ordered the french dip I wanted before I could so I just ordered the closest thing on the menu. It was basically good cold cuts on a pretzel bun with some italian dressing or something and onion slices. It wasn't great, but not horrible. Since I read the menu so quickly, i didn't realize it wasn't a hot sandwich, which was disappointing.
Trust Your Story Report | 06/11/2017 7:45 pm
Trust Your Story
^^ I've missed seeing you about...
Trust Your Story Report | 06/11/2017 7:21 am
Trust Your Story
It's good to see you back on Gaia again!


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