Real name: Catherine
Age: 21 (almost 22) cool
Pet: Zach my dog 3nodding heart
Food: pizza, fish, pork, rice, and frys
Music: Toybox, Aqua, Avril Laigne, DDR
Hobbes: Drawing, Bead Art, Orgami and Clay art......un!
Comedy: DANE COOK! heart
Horoscope: Aries- symbol of fire burning_eyes
Chineze Zodiac Animal: Dog- symbol of Yang meaning fire burning_eyes
Native animal in Canada: Hawk (my dad looked it up on a birthday wed sight)
Native flower in Canada: Lily
Birth stone: Diamond 3nodding

The truth is that I suffer from three big problems.
1. Depression crying
2. Anger twisted
3. Reading and spelling problems crying
4. Talking to others redface

The things that I doing is DRAWING and ORIGAMI! 4laugh heart

Likes: Animals, Paranormal stuff, Art, Dinosaur, My little Pony, Cartoon Network (Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball) Games (The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon 4laugh

Update on Cat in real life:

He is gone (My 31 year older brother) and I'm happy that he is gone; but a new problem has come up. My Old man (dad) has told me that he never wanted me to be alive! Like calling me a big Mistake that can never be fixed! I really hate to say this; but my X friend Loser as I call her was right about my old man (dad) he dose not care for me or he never has.


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30 dark days

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30 dark days

You are an amazing girl but I wish I could get to know you better
30 dark days

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30 dark days

Maybe I could help lessen you depression wink
30 dark days

Report | 12/30/2011 9:41 pm

30 dark days

you sound like a very interesting person
iLegendary Hero

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iLegendary Hero


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