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Report | 01/23/2015 1:50 am


Wha--? N-no! [/hides under blanket] It's not adorable. It's nooooottttt. >///<
Nnn. o//< The ear-scratching thing is an unfair advantage.

Er... yes...? [/checks to make sure] Yeah, it's asking for people in my contacts. If you're comfortable with it, you can send it in a PM, if that's preferable to comments. Or I can give you my number instead. Whichever one. ^^

Meh! I... I'm not cute! >///< And--and... if anyone's cute, it's you!
Wai--wh-what? Thank you for saying it, but I'm really not that sweet. >//>
Besides, of the two of us, you're definitely the sweeter one, so I should be telling you that anyone would be extremely lucky to have you! d:
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Report | 01/22/2015 7:06 am


D'aaaw, thank you, that's sweet of you to say. *hugs* ^___^

Ah, yes, Kirito - he's cool, too! <3 xD But I thought you would say Kite at first. ;D
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Report | 01/19/2015 11:55 pm


M-meh! [/blushes darker and hides face] And--and--it's not adorable!
Really, it's fine; it's difficult to do when we live so far apart. So please don't feel bad. [/pouts and gives you puppy dog eyes]

Mhm~ I do have it! ^^ And I don't mind using it; I just haven't really used it recently since it hasn't been necessary. I don't really use any other messaging devices, either, so it's probably the only useful one. ^^"

[/squeaks and scrunches up nose slightly] What'd you tap my nose for?
Aww, that's so sweet~ [/hugsnuggles and smiles up at you] You're one of the people I care for and enjoy hearing from, as well! ^^
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Report | 01/19/2015 12:32 pm


I don't know if I'm really like her, but that would be super cool! x3

Do you look up to any anime character? If so, who?
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Report | 01/18/2015 8:20 pm


And smexy! ;D

Who knows? XD
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Report | 01/18/2015 7:02 pm


[/squeaks slightly and blushes, ears twitching] H-hi~ >///< ...again.
N-no, it's fine, really! I wasn't online all that often during it, so it's not your fault, so please don't apologize. Nn... [/glances up at you with one eye closed] Um, thank you. u///u

Well, I'm glad to hear you've been doing well, at least~ And school's important, so that's understandable. I'm happy to talk with you whenever you can. ^w^

O-oh! That's... really sweet of you to say. >///> You... you mean a lot to me, too. ^//^

Actually, I do! Haven't used it in a while since it hasn't been necessary, but I do have it. xD
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Report | 01/11/2015 7:12 pm


OMG, Bblee~ ;w; [/glompsnuggles] It really has!

And I'm doing okay; went through kind of a rough patch last semester, so it's been...fun, haha? And what about you~? How have you been??

I've missed you! ;~;
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Report | 01/09/2015 10:40 am


Aww, thankies ^__^ Yeah! She's so cool! heart

Friends like you are great, too! Like they say in MLP, friendship is magic! X3
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Report | 01/05/2015 11:02 am


Yay! I'm happy everything went well for you. ^-^
Hope your holidays were great also, and Happy New Year! Love you and miss you lots, little bro. heart -hugs tight- heart
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Report | 12/29/2014 8:15 pm


...I'd so buy an Asuna costume. xD

Eee! You're so nice! whee *huggle-squishes*
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Report | 12/29/2014 6:32 am

Rosenkreuz Blanchett

happy to know that you have such a good time with your family whee whee whee whee
hahahaha...u too super adorable *huggles*
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Report | 12/27/2014 1:07 am


merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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Report | 12/25/2014 4:03 am

Rosenkreuz Blanchett

heheheh no biggie smile
i was so busy with my studies..got no time to be here
how are you????
*hugs you tight*
miss you too whee
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Report | 12/24/2014 11:39 pm


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Report | 12/24/2014 5:35 pm


That's good~ *hugs*

Haha, cool! ^^ Cosplayers are very creative indeed! And aww, you would? That would have been fun! x3
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Report | 12/23/2014 9:52 pm

Rosenkreuz Blanchett

good luck for ur first internship smile sorry if my wish is too late sweatdrop
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Report | 12/22/2014 8:11 am


Thankies! <3

Yeah, I know what you mean.. Just be yourself and try not to worry about it too much.

The character designs. I found them very charming. x3 Sora is obviously a bishie.. Also, lolis~ <3
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Report | 12/17/2014 12:44 pm


That sounds nice. :3 Hope you'll have a fun Christmas with your dad nonetheless. ^^
I've got no plans either. xD Just gonna be at home with the family.

So far, it's funny and cute as heck. xD
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Report | 12/16/2014 10:00 am


Hehe, thankies! ^w^ *purrs*
And, yay! That's good. :3 Any fun plans for Christmas?

Things are really fun here, I've been watching some anime lately. Current one is 'No Game No Life'. xD
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Report | 12/16/2014 7:46 am


Pretty good. *Hugs* Thanks. smile
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