my name is chris
I'm not very social, but i try. get to know me (: ?


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@jen, mybirthdayalreadypassed
I don't like gaia.
it scares me.
all bad.




lol whenever you find this. (:
um well awkward. i dont really know what to type.
yeah, i'm really sorry again about that one time we argued.
i feel bad about the whole thing actually.
but just so you know i love you. always. (:
you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.
and if you ever move too far away my heart will just break.
or if you break our promise. i dont wanna lose you.
i'm not clingy, and i'm really sorry.
i feel bad because i'm not. i am clingy,
i just don't show it because i feel stupid.
chris you are my best friend,
my boyfriend, future hubbie.
i love you so much! i can just never express it.
happy onetwo years babeee.
please don't leave me <|3
~rachie. @7:50 PM January 08th 2012.