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IxI_Kuro_Yuuki_IxI Report | 03/15/2017 11:53 am
Hey man, hows it going.
I'll be honest, I have forgotten who you are, but I have a feeling we used to hang out quite a bit.
The Condom Broke Report | 12/21/2014 1:04 am
The Condom Broke
do you have a kik ? o;
its okay that happened to my laptop as well when i came back home it didnt seem to want to connect cause maybe it was used to my dorm connection or somthin it got better though c:
works going good, i gained another job doe thats 3 in total its sorta hard but it keeps my mind off of things
im racking in the moneys now but im saving so i only take like 10% and put the rest in my savings
The Condom Broke Report | 12/21/2014 12:00 am
The Condom Broke
ooooo bad internet connection huh ? o;
that sucks but its okaaay maybe another time ?
it does get really boring i usually just lurk in the cb forums or im on town of salem or skype
most of the time im working though so i just get on using my phone cause im addicted you know
The Condom Broke Report | 12/20/2014 11:39 pm
The Condom Broke
lol yea do that~
so howve you been?
are you busy rn?
do you wanna hang out in towns? c:
The Condom Broke Report | 12/20/2014 11:33 pm
The Condom Broke
well thats truee but still
you could always talk to me on skype
cause im like always on there but i havnt seen you on so i didnt want to bother you
The Condom Broke Report | 12/20/2014 11:28 pm
The Condom Broke
oooh thats right you told me about that
i havnt been gone psssh ive been here for a month now.
i got so lonely cause everyone was busy with schoooool ;c
The Condom Broke Report | 12/20/2014 11:22 pm
The Condom Broke
haaaaay heart
where have you beeeeeen ;c
Bun Bunnery Report | 03/15/2012 6:37 pm
Bun Bunnery
cause i am tired,
and just wanted to ^^
Bun Bunnery Report | 03/15/2012 6:25 pm
Bun Bunnery
*slap him*
that n.n
Bun Bunnery Report | 03/15/2012 6:16 pm
Bun Bunnery
you, who else? o.o