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Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/28/2014 1:55 pm
Aisling the Dreamer
Hehe, I am at the moment 'cause I have a cold. But normally I'm half decent.
How was your Christmas?
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/27/2014 2:07 pm
Aisling the Dreamer
*horrific screeching noises vaguely resembling music*
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/14/2014 4:16 am
Aisling the Dreamer
I have absolutely no doubts it'll look stunning, and even better when you're wearing it. 3nodding
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/13/2014 6:33 pm
Aisling the Dreamer
*nodnod* Makes it much easier.

ooh that sounds stunning.
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/11/2014 1:46 am
Aisling the Dreamer
*nodnod* Haha impressive, I'm way too lazy to bother with a corset 93% of the time. Probably wouldn't wear a bra if I could get away with it but the girls are destructive when unrestrained. >.>
Cream is always a nice soft choice, especially cream with a pop of colour. I've actually been seeing a lot of pastels around too but heaven knows how long ago those pics are from.
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/10/2014 4:16 am
Aisling the Dreamer
Corset lacing is always gorgeous.
What colour are you going for?
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/08/2014 10:41 am
Aisling the Dreamer
That's what you find out when you try them on. 3nodding
So grab some features you like (neckline, length, colour etc.) try 'em on, and have some fun with it.
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/07/2014 10:03 pm
Aisling the Dreamer
Oh wow you look amazing.

Have you thought of bringing a sketch or some pictures of what kind of thing you're looking for? Bridal places are pretty good abotu finding similar stuff if they have references.
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 12/04/2014 7:11 am
Aisling the Dreamer
*attack hug* Sorry for the lack of reply, my internet disappeared for a while.
How goes the dress?
Aisling the Dreamer Report | 11/23/2014 6:27 am
Aisling the Dreamer
D: *hugs*
Just remember that it's your day, not your mum's, and you deserve to feel amazing in a dress you love, not something okay that should arrive in time.

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