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Fry Song - Marceline

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Marceline the Vampire Queen

Daddy,why did you leave me?
You Created me, so don't you want to see me?
Daddy, why did you make me; if you're not gonna take me, to get a burger and shakey?

My cursed blood is your cursed blood,
come on back & be my bud
I can count your visits on my finger-tips.
Come back and give me presents from your business trips.
Daddy why did you father me,
if all you wanna do is bother me?
Don'tcha know that i love you,
and wanna see more of you

Daddy, why did you eat my fries?
I bought them, and they were mine
But you ate them,
Yeah, you ate my fries
And i cried, but you didn't see me cry

Daddy, do you even love me?
Well I wish you would show it
Because i wouldn't know it
What kind of daddy eats his daughter's fries,
and doesn't look her in the eyes?
Daddy there were tears there
If you saw them would you even care..