random facts about me and other random crap that you probably don't care about:
~I think tuxedos are sexy.
~I fall under the "napoleon complex", my bite is as big as my bark.
~If you ever need a shoulder to cry on feel free to come cry on mine.
~I give really good relationship advice but fail at my own.
~I like getting hugs from tall people.
~I have no life.
~I love marching band way too much for my own good.
~I am a tomboy but at the same time am not.
~I enjoy watching football.
~I want to live in Brooklyn when I get older.
~I've visited/been to New Jersey (I live here. so its a given.), New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, St. Thomas, St. Maarten, St. John, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, France, and Great Britain.
~I really want to go see Germany and the Mid-West.
~My favorite place in the world is New York City.
~I march in a Drum Corps International (DCI) Open Class Drum and Bugle Corps called Raiders.
~I have an odd obsession with trains.
~Steam locomotives, in my opinion, are one of the most beautiful, alive, and incredible pieces of machinery I have ever seen, and a dream of mine is to eventually drive one.
~When I was little I really wanted to be a train engineer.
~I am a major dork.
~I never shut up.
~I have favorite musical chords.
~My favorite musicals are Phantom of the Opera and 42nd Street.
~I am fairly aggressive, but I am very loyal to my friends and a real angel once you get to know me (well sort of twisted ).
~I've always wanted a golden retriever or black labrador.
~I have a really weird taste in music.

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what if i dont want a journal title

un u just write c*** in here so yeah....



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mew! and huggles! its been forever!

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i seen you do this b4: lolz

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Happy birthday!!!

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Ohaiii! : D

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o: (:
Milk on my cereal

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Milk on my cereal

DUDE scream scream scream i was about to delete you scream scream scream wut the hell name scream

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I got high hopes!! I got high hopes! I's got high apple pie... In the sky hopes...

LOLZ!!! WTF is that supposed to mean anyways?!? Maybe the apple pie is like a 'special' brownie and stuffz. whee

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thanks for the buy

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dealing with my ex breaking up with me
and her not talking to me D;
hurts a lot still but I bought some legos
to keep my mind distracted cause I still miss her and <3 her

how you been? :3