masmas gracias

i owe so many people so much. my gaia friends have been some of the best friends ever, chatting with me and playing games and helping me in so many ways. in addition to the real life help, many have also donated pixellated items, just because they knew i wanted them. i really do love you guys for everything, not just for the gifts. heart

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summertime! bandy's goin' swimmin' >///<

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killafrog Report | 01/18/2017 6:29 pm
Has been forever since talked, how is life? 3nodding
Enter Generic Name Here Report | 01/13/2017 5:59 pm
Enter Generic Name Here
Thank you!! emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 01/12/2017 1:52 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
Haha, thank you. I have to say I get a surprising amount of compliments on my avis. I don't think they're spectacular though. xd

I hope everything is well with you.
*hugs tightly* heart
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 12/28/2016 4:14 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
ninja heart
Ambassador Of Peace Report | 07/10/2016 7:22 pm
Ambassador Of Peace
BANDY!! It's been such a long time. I have been so inactive and so much has happened. How have you been?
Faerie KatrinaZ Report | 04/01/2016 3:47 am
Faerie KatrinaZ
Happy Birthday! 4laugh
lady ayami chan Report | 03/08/2016 8:17 pm
lady ayami chan
Aww thanks!
Same here, life kidnapped me to the point that I only can check in here and there.
Miss the old days... but also enjoying my current situation much more.
Faerie KatrinaZ Report | 04/01/2013 2:21 pm
Faerie KatrinaZ
Happy Birthday, Bandy! 4laugh
Mother Birthday Report | 03/31/2013 7:36 pm
Mother Birthday
User Image04-01-13
DestroyerX Report | 03/29/2013 12:28 am
Hey there! Popped back on for...god knows what reason. Just looking around remembering all the good old days on this website. Hope all is well, take care!
Ambassador Of Peace
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