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Previously; xiAmity
Previously; Mikasa Ackerman-x
Previously; xiLalita

Skype; amity.amsarath

I love getting random Comments&PMs!

The name's Aleasha(Updated image of myself) but my friends
call me Ah-Lee-Lee.
I'm 24 years young.
Hopeless romantic.
I'm from a little boring town in Indiana.
I tend to act younger than I am.
I hate being serious unless I really have to be.
My birthday is August 28th.
I'm bi-sexual.
I've been on gaia since 4/30/2007.
This isn't my first profile.
But anyway, my hobbies include;
-Collecting stuffed animals
-Fangirling over Suzuya Juuzou.
-Making friends
If you wish to
know more feel free to PM me.

Art1 By; Bunnyrabbit003
Art2 By; Pale-Little-Angel
Art3 By; derpmatologist
Art4 By; So Dapper
Art5 By; VekkaNova
Art6 By; Plesi0th


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Daddaye Report | 11/20/2016 12:15 am
lmao don't feel embarrassed
Daddaye Report | 11/19/2016 11:47 pm
oh u, thank you for the compliments 4laugh , and its okay to leave comments on my profile
I don't get enough of them
and I didn't find anything creepy or weird so no need to apologize
Vulgar Villain Report | 07/22/2016 10:55 am
Vulgar Villain
-Just makes himself comfortable on her page, picking up stray strands of her hair and twirling it between his fingers.-

Ami, dearest.
Fueled by Revenge Report | 06/06/2016 5:51 am
Fueled by Revenge
I'm glad to have pleasantly surprised you. biggrin
There's actually still a pretty big community for it-- not for Boruto (yet) though.

Stuck playing Overwatch, mostly. It's kind of addictive!
That, and I was debating on going back through Storm 4 just to finish off the rest of the S ranks and achievements. I'm not an achievement whore, I don't know what you're talking about.
cummy dumpster Report | 06/02/2016 2:40 pm
cummy dumpster
Hiya! Sorry for replying so late, aaaah, I always forget about profile comments hgnfhasdh. Thank you for the kind words about my avi, awww. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I love the cats, omg... there are so many...
I really like your profile background too! Clouds are so pretty
Fueled by Revenge Report | 05/25/2016 10:07 am
Fueled by Revenge
That's me, -ttebayo! What's up? -grins-
Vulgar Villain Report | 05/12/2016 4:17 pm
Vulgar Villain

kill me now

See look, this is genuine goofiness.
But seriously, I just about had an anxiety attack.

TO SUM IT ALL UP, I don't know what to call it yet, but I do have a very deep affection for you, Ami. And as long as you and I breathe the same air and stand under the same sky, I will always care about you.
Vulgar Villain Report | 05/12/2016 4:13 pm
Vulgar Villain
Ryo, I'm beyond thankful for having someone as amazingly sweet and lovable as you in my life.
You make my heart go doki doki whenever I receive a message or comment from you.
I enjoy hearing about your life whether it be good or bad simply because you're always on my mind and I worry about you.
I just wish I could comfort you on your bad days. Just know I think about you tons and I wish you well everyday.
You've become such an important piece in my life.

No no, Ami. It is really I how should be expressing this very same thing to you.
Throughout the years I've met a lot of people that I thought one could call friends, or even go so far as thinking of them as family. yet in the long run of things, they disappear, they flake, they ditched me for something better. I am not, by far, the greatest person that walks this planet, and just having someone like you, with whom I can be my genuine self, makes me very happy and appreciative. It is y o u that is so wonderfully sweet, and kind, and shows/gives costfree compassion to someone with an irritatly deep chip on their shoulder. You'ver loved and lost, and struggled to make those connections, and then you found me and made me feel like I was wanted and thought about.
Do you know how much a person

I put on these facades for everyone, to keep things leveled and people happy, and yet I struggle here on my end always questioning whether they'll leave me if they knew how I am - who I am. I am not a happy bubbly person, I can fake it well enough, but I think too deeply, and struggle way too hard. It just isn't in /my/ nature to be all these things people expect me to be. I'm not a good person, Ami, and I let my past creep up on me and put me in some of the worst moods; I don't cope well. Oftentimes I wonder if people like me can even be a friend or partner to another, because we are so hungup on all the wrong done towrads us and that negativity slowly ensnares everyone around.

But, with you, Ami, I am comfortable and I am content. While I feel terrible for not talking like one should to a person of your importance, I doubt myself. You are genuinely good, babe. You are so willing to accept someone like me, wait for someone like me, and I just don't understand the amount of good luck I had in finding you. It kinda scares me. I'm not good at committing to things. As my dad once told me, I'm a survivalist, and because of it I will never have anything or anyone. I live my life knowing disaster will come and am ready to go once the signs show true. Leaving things behind is easier than dedicating myself, because I never learned how to have or maintain something constant. In a sense, you can say I am a coward. My brave front is just that, and I hide behind it in my depression and guilt. Feeling bad for myself but not working to make myself better, or so it seems.

You, Ami, throughout our short friendship, have been something I can look forward to. You greet me opening and warmly, and leave me feeling rather goofy and foggy-brained. How is it that you can do such things? Aha. I've never had the kind of care you display towards me, and even this comment seems selfish and self centered, but you make me feel as though I can improve on those things! Like I have something to come back to.
And that's all I've ever wanted.

Ami, I cannot openly express how grateful I am to have met you. Nor can I Thank you enough for being so patient and loving tow
Vulgar Villain Report | 05/04/2016 4:53 pm
Vulgar Villain
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Vulgar Villain Report | 05/01/2016 11:55 am
Vulgar Villain

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