( I'm a combo pack )
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*constantly chewing on toast*

Currently: In the works of finding a job even thou i rather not do interviews..-sigh- why is the world lik this.
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------------------READ BELOW TO KNOW MORE!------------

<< fyi, please don't take my cosplays (certain ones I do all by myself!) So please at least credit me if you decide to! >>

Main Cosplays I Own:
* meaning I'm planning on making them

< Ja'far ( Magi )
< Alibaba Saluja ( Magi )
< Aladdin ( Magi )
< Ugo(Alma Toran Arc. Magi )
< Shintaro Kisaragi ( Kagerou Project )
< Mikado,Shizuo,Masaomi,Chikage,Walker ( Durarara!! )
< Yuu Hyakuya and Shinya Hiragi ( Owari no Seraph )
< Tagami ( Underworld Capital Incident )
< Atsushi Nakajima ( Bungou Stray Dogs )
< Ango Sakaguchi ( Bungou Stray Dogs )
<Kunikida Doppo* ( Bungou Stray Dogs,currently remaking )
< Fushimi Saruhiko and Yashiro Isana ( K Project )
< Clear, ALPHA ( DMMD )
< Ratio,Nice, Murasaki ( Hamatora )
< Yukio Okumura ( Ao no Exorcist )
< Renzou Shima ( Ao no Exorcist )
< Hideyoshi Nagachika ( Tokyo Ghoul )
< Yukine, Ebisu and Kazuma ( Noragami )
< Nakigitsune ( Touken Ranbu )
< Yamanbagiri Kunihiro ( Touken Ranbu )
< Ichigo Hitofuri ( Touken Ranbu )
< Honebami Toushirou ( Touken Ranbu )
< Horikawa Kunihiro and *Ookurikara* ( Touken Ranbu )
< Akashi Kuniyuki ( Touken Ranbu ) *
< Eichi Tenshouin ( Ensemble Stars! )
< Yuzuru Fushimi* ( Ensemble Stars! )
< Kuro aka Sloth/Sleepy Ash ( Servamp )
< Licht Jekylland Todoroki ( Servamp )
< Allen Walker ( D. Gray Man )

Other Cosplays I Own:
there's probably others I do that i missed but i cant remember who they are currently! TTWTT'

< William Twining ( Devils and Realist )
< Bell ( Danmachi )
< Seto Kousuke ( Kagerou Project )
< Chuutarou Kumo ( Donten ni Warau )
<Takeda Rakuchou ( Donten ni Warau )
< Hinata Shouyou ( Haikyuu! )
< Nai / *Yogi* ( Karneval )
< Tsukihiko ( Kagerou Project )
< America / Alfred ( Hetalia )
< Koubun Ka ( Magi )
< Yuuki Shinjirou ( Un-Go)


Current Fandoms:

Owari No Seraph ● Bungou Stray Dogs ● Magi ● Touken Ranbu ● Servamp ● Durarara!! ● Mystic Messenger ● Project K ● Noragami ● Vanitas No Carte ● Dance w/ Devils ● DMMD ● Makai Ouji ●Ensemble Stars ● B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious ● Tokyo Ghoul ● Fire Emblem ● Gokuto Jihen ● Ao No Exorcist ● Kagerou Project ● AOT ● Hamatora ● D. Grey-Man ● Supernatural(TV) ● Haikyuu!! ● Free! ● Karnavel ● BlazBlue ● Psycho Pass ● HunterxHunter ● Etc.**too many to list!


Who's Bakyurah?

Yo, Bakyurah here! Though my real name is JoEllen, I'd prefer to be called by my nicknames so don't bother calling me by my real name unless you I tell you you can. I'm 22 yrs old (I act young but i got a level of maturity and mutual understanding ) I'm a Capricorn, born on January 5th (my Chinese Zodiac is the Dog). So yes, I was born in 1994. I'm mainly asexual but at times also demisexual. I dork out from time to time and also fan-girl over things sometimes with Kanra..but for the most part I'm tsundere and kuudere.
(or refer to my MBTI ).

You may or may not know already but me and Kanrah are rl twins. I live and attended a Community College in Pennsylvania. I haven't found what I want to major in and have no real interest right now. I was however in 2013 majoring in Web Development but that didn't go well and to be honest I rather do that as a side thing; so now I major in General Studies and graduated in May 2016.

I've been on Gaiaonline since the start of 2008 I think, though my name has changed. My old username was IUzu-ChanI. I don't think I had any other name other than that.

I like to meet new people or try to get along with everyone. Though I'm strictly an introvert at heart. But usually I'm open to others opinions and respect their personal need for space. As you can tell, I enjoy watching anime, playing games,drawing and sucking at it and cosplaying. Other than that I'm a pretty spacey individual who is strongly stubborn at times but also a cheerful and care-free person who tends to be lazy almost prone to being a hikikomori.

I'm a kind person depending if you give the same kindness back to me, if not i will be sour and harsh no matter what you do or say so there forth don't cross that line. I can become provoked very easily and tend to lash out that anger on others. I'm not really into politics either and harming people weaker than me is beneath me, I'm pretty nihilistic at times but I can be positive. Somewhere in between pessimistic and optimistic.

That's a little about me for once so.. yay!!! 8D Wanna know me more, Than add a Comment or PM me, i might respond or i might not!!

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Shrimp.Ginger Shrimp,Chibi,Yura,Uzu[old user-name],Yuu/Shinya,Taroba,Yuki/Yukihoe/Four-Eyes,and Errends{a joke between me and kanra only)


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Fukase Report | 10/19/2016 12:09 pm
AAAAA, I love your Atsushi!
Fukase Report | 10/13/2016 3:58 pm
yeah... and i tend to be emotionally distant at times but it's like... it's not me.. it's the INFP personality. oh the struggles. oTL

oooh! i'm glad to hear that, and i feel you.. finding a job is so hard. i was without one for a year and a half before finally being hired at party city. i know you'll find a job soon though! ;v;

he really is. sweatdrop speaking of touken ranbu, i really like your yamanbagiri!! he's very accurate.
Fukase Report | 10/11/2016 9:16 pm
aaaah, i do too, although im terribly shy.. but i still hope we become good pals!! emotion_bigheart emotion_bigheart
it's no problem at all really.
hi!! how are you? and gosh! thank you. ; 7;/ he was more complicated to make than i had originally expected so thank you again!!
Fukase Report | 10/11/2016 7:11 pm
i commented your sis so i figured i should comment you! o v o/
cynful_darling Report | 09/30/2016 5:37 pm
ah i'll keep my eyes open! i actually found the first volume at the book store today,and i may have made an impulse purchase;;;; im happy with it so far...
cynful_darling Report | 09/26/2016 11:01 pm
ooo sounds like i have sine reading up to do then u-u i agree, the ending didnt seem like it would incorporate a season 2 and i heard the manga is pretty short? i could have heard very wrong tho cause i also heard its still on going. Anyways, thanks for sharing your opinion with me... i like to see other people's thoughts~
cynful_darling Report | 09/25/2016 2:08 pm
i feel the same.. it was pretty unfulfilling imo. Like with what you said about what happened between them, also we never saw wrath or gluttony? i also wish we got to see what sakuya does.. all we saw was that he lived but he doesnt go to mahiru's school? another thing..... Did greed break? his item did but he doesn't seem broken? ah. i have so mnay questions and i hope we get a season 2. I wanted to pick up the manga as well because im attached and i need more ahaha....
Kanrah Report | 09/24/2016 8:49 pm
Hyde:I'm not trying to irritate you.
Licht:Well, then you must have a natural talent for it.

LICHT-CHAN!!!~ heart heart
cynful_darling Report | 09/24/2016 1:44 pm
hey, did you watch the last episode of servamp? If so i want to know your opinion.... sorry if im annoying;;;;
Mekakucity_Fanboy223 Report | 09/18/2016 10:42 am
If you want I can download Skype if you like


Skype: Kawaiihamachi *probably shows up as Tarouba*
(tell me who you are first or else.)

** As of 9/10/16 - I am not giving out my facebook unless I am asked. **
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