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Name : Yuu Kanda
Age : 9 (chronologically) 19 (physically)
Status : Alive
Gender : Male
Species : Artificial Human
Home country : Japan
Blood type : AB
Affiliation : Black Order ( Asian Branch (former) European Branch)
Occupation : Exorcist

Bio : Kanda is a cold, stoic, and arrogant person who shows little regard to the lives of those around him, even his fellow Exorcists. He is, more often than not, willing to leave those who slow him down behind, even if it means their death and especially if they are not Exorcists, viewing any field officers (especially Finders) who are not Exorcists expendable pawns who should not be expected to be saved. He is even often seen turning his blade on his own comrades over small things, such as Lavi calling him by his given name, Yu, or Allen simply trying to talk to him. Despite his words, Kanda is frequently seen saving those around him, and even putting his own life at risk (like he does with Gozu), though he does it grudgingly and openly complains. (read more at -->Wikia)

Relating to Yuu Kanda since 2008. A pre-teen who known nothing about what the world is really suffering from. Dangerous people. Ones who she thought would be friends, but not trusting them to the fullest. Many mistakes in her life and all she wants to do is sleep and never wake up. Ever. Many people have betrayed her, never shown an ounce of mercy and just thrown her around as the test subject worth using around. What they have forgotten, is to earn her fullest trust. She had given them that much, but now for many of their mistakes, she will repay them for their horrible treatment, The Wrath that burns a Taurus to regain her innocence again. In order to move on and dream.

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