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Little Bit About Me

Name: Allie
Nicknames: Chibi, Baby, vamp, Babyvamp, sweetie, cutie, love, sweet, ect.
Age: 21
Race: Human (unfortunately.)
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual (I have a boyfriend! 5yrs now!)
Likes: Pop (Soda), friends, my baby sisters (sometimes), nice people, being nice, frills, bows, dresses, later time periods, Frank Sinatra -squee-, Micheal Buble (but Frank is better. I LOVE YOU FRANK!), Europe, Twilight Books and Movies, writing, role playing, vampires, witches, ect. Halloween! Holidays! Nicky! Colors! Pink! BLUE! BRIGHT COLORS!
Dislikes: Mean people, being alone, too much sugar, coffee, your face (ha ha jk), balloons (they scare me), clowns (those are scary too), obsessive Twilight fans (also very frightening!), being scared!, tight spaces, too many people, having anxiety attacks, getting sick, getting dizzy all the time!

Below is my RP charrie, I play her during events and when talking to certain friends
Name: Victoria Abigail Danburry
Age: 21(Looks 16 since that's when she was turned into a vampire)
Race: Vampire
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bi (She currently has a girlfriend named Luna, and still has a crush on Amaimon )
Likes: Anything cute, sparkly, bows, she loves bows, lots and lots of bows, and the color blue
Dislikes: Being made fun of by other vampires, the person who turned her, having to drink blood though she is getting better about it, being sad, when friends or sad, loosing control, hurting people
Other: She has abandonment issues because she was turned by her boyfriend after having almost died during a car crash, and he left her afterwards


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purplealmighty Report | 04/12/2015 3:21 pm

How are you?
purplealmighty Report | 04/11/2015 8:46 pm
purplealmighty Report | 03/03/2015 4:14 pm
Stressed out.

purplealmighty Report | 02/25/2015 11:01 am
How are you?
purplealmighty Report | 02/08/2015 2:56 pm
*Purrs and nuzzles back*

I don't mine, M'lady.
Mister Monster Guy Report | 02/04/2015 2:53 pm
Mister Monster Guy
Yep, I wanted to make an avatar in honor of Monty Oum, the creator of RWBY, since he passed away a few days ago,
akiflower Report | 01/29/2015 1:38 pm

Yeah. It just really hurt my feelings.
akiflower Report | 01/29/2015 1:27 pm

It was just the way she said it.
akiflower Report | 01/29/2015 1:17 pm

Something a used to be friend said to me.
akiflower Report | 01/29/2015 1:15 pm

actually pissed off.

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