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Not much to say. Im fairly poor at everything. But I really like fragments. Im good at those. My friends love it. Right guys?

I enjoy "me time" and Im good at passing classes. I like manga and anime, and guessing what movie is on the TV when someone is watching it without me.

The best part about me is my smile. Or my fist... depending on who you are, you get one or the other...

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Tai Kuroba

hello all

What Makes Anime and Manga Perfect.

How can they call it cartoons? Its not cartoons, its animated life. Maybe not your life and maybe not mine. But Life! Nothing else in the world can suck emotions from your soul like anime and manga can. Its truely amazing. How can they take a sport like tennis and make it bad a**? How else could nuns smile, covered from head to toe in crimson blood? How could a manga about drawing manga make you hold your breath for a week? What is it about half demons that make you want to watch all 200 episodes?

We are caught in this beautiful dream when we enter the world of Anime and Manga. Like a medicinal capsule that cures the cold of everyday monotone, it sweeps through your system, makes the hairs on your arms stand on end, breaks your heart a million times, and pumps you with adrenaline faster than an IV stabbed in your brain.

Its beautiful when we are ugly, Its hard core when we are soft, its calm when we are raging, and its a constant when we are everywhere.

I doubt Tom and Jerry have ever made you feel like that.