I love everyone! ♥ I make sure everyone is happy even if I have to hurt myself~
That was sarcasm you ******** retard.

17 ♠ female ♠ asexual ♠ Christian

I go by Cas, Cassie, or Siel.
Cassiel is fine but I might punch you. (;

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I'm a ******** little s**t with multiple personality disorder.
I apologize for being honest, BUT honesty is what makes people trust you.
So don't whine like a spoiled b***h at me. I already said sorry.

You want my old names? Just ask me, instead of ******** throwing me away like last night's takeout.
Damn you guys are some ******** up bastards.
Old names:
These aren't in order because my old list ******** disappeared in my last name change.
>Sugarsweet Acid
>Psychopathic Purity
>Scarlet Chevre
>Baal Nyx
>Baal Hekate

There's a list of personalities inside the OP of this forum.

I cosplay: I'll probably be wearing my Mangle (FNaF 2) cosplay most of the time...
Mangle has no confirmed gender, stop fighting over it you little ********]
My Mangle is female, though.
this used to be my profile. smilies/icon_lol.gif

♥ Cosplays:
FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's) 2 (Human AU except for Vincent): Mangle; Freddy (either version/both), Bonnie (original), Chica (original), Purple Guy/Vincent, respectively

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyoujin: Mikasa and Petra, respectively.

Group cosplay here
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Reborn (adult form; INCOMPLETE - I'm using some cheap substitutions but I'll be getting replacements... idk when).

Homestuck: Aradia, Dead!Aradia (questing [b]Summoning Supplies for the ghost hands) and Damara Megido, respectively.

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cats: tripling | quadrupling
coyotes: tripling

purple emo wolf 16
Baal Cassiel
Panic At The Pizzeria
Lets Eat Pizza
Vincent the Purple Guy
princess peach ssbb
Lamenting Bunnie
iCookie Princess

Mangle, Freddy, Bonnie,
Chica & Purple Guy cosplays, respectively.

friendlist: here

Roleplay forum leader

↑ best frand in fnaf rp