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Past Usernames: Masked Girl and Eternal Euphoria

If you beg me for gold I'll ignore you.

You can call me Minty, Athena (as it is my real name), or E.E if you've gotten so use to my other user name.

I am a woman of few vocal words, but many of the written words. I am one that is uncomfortable with affection, in word form or in physical form. My preference is to be left mostly to myself as I have given up on people. There are few people I let close to my heart, but still out of reach of fingertips, they know whom they are. They know my darkness and my light, but not the ones locked in a private box. I prefer manners, but I secretly enjoy the suffering of those I don't closely know.

I am an older woman that hates children, loves cartoons, candy, and still plays with toys. My desire is to become a published author, to one day make a perfect souffle, and experience a cruise. I deeply dislike when people yearn for my love, it is something earned through time and trust, if you break it just once, it is gone forever. I am an emotionally fragile person due to frequent abuse from friends and distant family. However, at the same time I am an emotional rock to those that need me.

Often I will blankly talk about things that shock people or disturb them, I am accepting of a lot of things, but bad manners is something I simply will not budge on. I will also not tolerate religiously blinded people, while I am religious myself, I am not a sheep in the flock of masses. Never will you see me push my beliefs on you and I expect you to do the same or be prepared to meet my ignore list, the same will happen if you insult my friends for their ways of living.

Video games keep me sane, I play based on story rather than graphics, though I have to admit, I am a sucker for pixels. My top five favorite games are probably: Vagrant Story (hands down my favorite), Legacy of Kain (any of them), Final Fantasy 6, Silent Hill 3, and Haunting Ground.

If you wish to know more about me Pm me, but be on your best behavior.

Or if you want to see a bit more about my writing I have a DeviantArt.