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?? | Female | INTJ Pisces | Pan-sexual | Heart is taken but it's complicated

I was raised to see people for a personality and a soul. I don't care if you love the same gender or a hole in the ground, that is your business. Manners are top of my list (being a military brat) and if you act like a four year old throwing a temper tantrum, chances are I probably won't like you, doesn't mean I won't still talk to you, I just won't trust you.

Speaking of trust, I have severe issues with it, if you break it once, it's gone. Many people on here have done that, not knowing full well I know every little thing that they have said and done. I am paranoid, lack empathy for drama, and have social anxiety so bad that answering pm's drives me insane. Why am I still on here then? Because I don't want it to crush me under it's weight.

However, I can be nice, I never put on a face for people, what you see is me. A few people have said I am addictive, I've had the misfortune of having people fight over me (a rather silly thing). When given a chance I will often try to show both sides rather than take one.

I have a few hobbies, a few include: Cleaning, Video Games, Writing Fantasy, Reading, Harem Anime, Fan service Anime, and Stalking people.