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Past Usernames: Masked Girl and Eternal Euphoria

I ignore begging and people that can't seem to see the bright side of life. Depression is one thing, whining is another.

Let's see some facts about me:

- INTJ, I'm also a Pisces, does that make me double the introvert? Oh yes it does.
- Social anxiety born from past abuse doesn't help either.
- Born in Germany, raised in the U.S, has Greek name...go figure.
- I can be a super pervert, but gaia's PG -13 rating keeps me contained...this doesn't mean you can pm me with your creepy stuff.
- Harem anime is absolutely wonderful, the fan service only adds to it.
- Despite being said pervert I hate being hit on and showered with to much love (unless you are a very special person to me).
- I absolutely hate being touched...unless it's back rubs.
- Pretty relaxed personality, I'm open about a lot of things except super closed off religious people.
- Raised on video games, the first one being Space Hawk at the age of three. My favorite one is Vagrant Story.
- My talents include: Complaining, writing, awkwardly stalking people, and being lazy to the point of a near coma state.
- Has a hard time dealing with most other women. Probably what made me the center for teasing in school.
- If I can't win I'll fall to hell with my nails in your leg.
- Hopes to one day make a perfect souffle.