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?? | Female | INTJ Pisces | Pan-sexual |

Remember you only have to be mature enough to pay the bills, everything else is optional.

Don't expect to jump on my friends list and stay on there forever, if you don't talk to me I drop you like a hot potato. I also don't randomly accept friend requests. I have to have a decent conversation with you.

I'm not a people person, talking to me will be super awkward as I'll try to say as little as possible to see if you'll just get bored and leave. I will attempt to talk if I am in a rather hyper mood. I talk to people I trust a lot more. Just because I hang around you doesn't mean I trust you though. I was raised on military manners and do not tolerate the foolish rude behavior that has recently run rampant on here.

An odd duck here, one that can drool over a woman's ample chest and a mans rock hard one. Course, that doesn't matter in the end if your personality is that of dung on a stick.

I like anime, but not a lot of main stream ones. I adore harem (both reverse and otherwise) and fan service style types. I love vampires that rip out throats not sparkle like they just came from a rave. I love video games of all types, but I'm again, usually not on the main stream section. Fantasy wins my heart though, I don't care for sci-fi, but the deep magic. My writing revolves around fantasy and magic, everything that I think of is often fantasy.

If you want to know anymore about me just ask, but don't be a sexual mongrel about it or I will block you. Insult me or anyone I care about and I'll also put you on ignore.