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On the surface, Korra is fierce, independent, tomboyish, and pugnacious. One only has to dig a little deeper to realise that, beneath her most prominent character traits, she possesses a strong loyalty towards her comrades and duty as Avatar and an admirable compassion seen in moments when she expresses love, such as towards pro-bending or Naga. Her offensive battle style means that she is always quick to initiate or rise to a challenge and she is extremely quick witted and impulsive, especially in heated situations. Unfortunately, as an 'Avatar-in-training', she lacks perception towards the damage her bending is capable of, and her rash decisions often result in her accidentally insulting others.
True to Korra's character, Lin has once said to Tenzin, "Hard to believe your sweet tempered father was reincarnated into that girl". Her personality is, in many ways, the opposite of the previous Avatar's; Aang was a peaceful, diffident, nomadic airbender, whereas Korra is tough, impatient, headstrong, sarcastic, and assertive. However, like Aang, she also has a good sense of humor and enthusiasm, and a vulnerable teenage charm.

Name: Korra
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Water Tribe
Weapon of Choice: The Elements
Fighting Styles: Waterbending (Southern and Northern Style), earthbending, firebending, airbending, and energybending.
Profession: The Avatar and Pro-bender

All information obtained from Avatar Wikipedia.


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Mutant Logan_Wolverine Report | 08/19/2012 8:36 am
Mutant Logan_Wolverine
[[Just bored.. still on the road back home.]]
Mutant Logan_Wolverine Report | 08/15/2012 6:29 am
Mutant Logan_Wolverine
Hey, bub. What's up?
The Arkham Knight Report | 07/04/2012 3:05 am
The Arkham Knight
hahaha alright ill add it xDd
The Arkham Knight Report | 07/02/2012 10:45 pm
The Arkham Knight
oh?? can i add?? and yeah its boring o..e
The Arkham Knight Report | 07/02/2012 5:35 pm
The Arkham Knight
yeahh well i play games and stuff if i get bored =u = hehe and yes stalkin other peeps profiles is fun =u =
The Arkham Knight Report | 07/02/2012 5:31 pm
The Arkham Knight
haha yeah i know that feelin =__=
The Arkham Knight Report | 07/01/2012 11:37 pm
The Arkham Knight
hey korra uhmmm thx for accepting my request and viewing my profile?? XD
Lilium of Chaos Report | 11/30/2011 10:09 pm
Lilium of Chaos

Haha. I'm glad we have something in common. I've actually memorized all the Latin words to Lilium. I find that I sing opera really well. Where as everything else escapes my mouth as average. D:
Lilium of Chaos Report | 11/30/2011 9:33 pm
Lilium of Chaos

Not my first, but definitely one of my favorites. It's not the best animation, but I love the plot and the music. :3
Lilium of Chaos Report | 11/30/2011 9:29 pm
Lilium of Chaos

I decided I'd look at the profiles of all the people I'm RPing with, when I noticed you have an Elfen Lied icon on your profile. emotion_bigheart



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