all about hitoshi!

i'm hitoshi levi.

and i'm a failure at everything. i'm guaranteed to piss you off within five minutes of talking to me.

i've roamed this planet for nineteen years. ollld man, i am.

my momma is japanese. my daddy's german. my gene pool makes up the entire axis powers, pretty much.

i am horribly short. 5'4". and i'm a dude. not cool.

the purple stripe that was once in my hair is gone now, bah. and so is my labret. only snake bites now.

i have a newfound addiction to attack attack, to be juliet's secret, the ascendicate, a skylit drive, akissforjersey, and the chariot.

one day i was all, "lalalamusic" happily listening to all of my 7000 songs on my iPod, and then it was like a missile. "BAMYOUONLYCAREABOUTSIXBANDSNOWSUCKA!!!"


i love orange juice. i especially love it frozen, i eat it for breakfast.

i'm allergic to dairy. makes me go into anyphylactic shock, or however the ******** you spell that word. never could spell it.

i'm also allergic to cats, coconut, and an unlistable amount of other things.

you should see my poor medic alert bracelet.

i am an avid writer. i write constantly.

i have an amazing boyfriend, nathaniel liam. we live in a shitty apartment. hooray for the american dream.

that's right, i'm gay. sorry ladies. :3

scotch tape is fascinating to me.

i have on three pairs of socks currently.

farran is my bestest friend!

and hali is, too!

AND ASHLINN! i cannot BELIEVE i forgot to put you on here! especially considering that you're like the ONLY person who talks to me that is neither my boyfriend, nor my mother.


i'm out of things to say.

talk to meeee.


me: "you know, meat just kinda rots in your tummy. that's why i don't eat anything with more than two legs."

manda: "but you're eating fish right now. fish have more than two... i'm leaving now."


derek: "i need a bag for my thingy."

drew: "this is a church trip, derek."

this is why my friends are better than yours are. we don't think. 8D

My Baby~

I told you I could hack your account, Kishy-love.

Mm, while I'm here I might as well take over your profile, right? Right. You've found my Hitoshi, and please, keep your hands off. He's all mine, mine mine mine. You bitches were too late as of two years, one month, ten days, and approximately thirteen hours ago; two years, eleven months, thirty days, and approximately five hours ago three years and four hours ago. Yeah, I remember what time I asked him out but it's only because he gives me super-memory. He's the most amazing person on earth, and I don't even think I can explain him to you. He has the prettiest blue eyes on this earth, and even though he claims he hates his hair, I couldn't be more jealous of it. It's so black and straight and perfect, mm. You haven't lived until you've seen him smile and I'm proud to say I've been the cause of that smile many, many times. There's no way you can see it and not want to kiss him. I know you don't think you're attractive, but baby, you are. Even if you weren't though, I would still love you. you could be a hippo, and as long as you were you, I would love you.

Don't even get me started on his personality. He's so insane, but in the best way possible. The king of random statements, that's what he is. He can make me laugh without even trying. But he's the only person on this earth who can make me cry. Just thinking of losing him makes me die on the inside. Despite the fact that's he got such an amazing heart and personality, he's got quite the temper. Poor thing can't look scary even if he tries though, he's too tiny and cute. He's going to kill me for putting this on his account but I don't care. (And I did it again.)

I love you so much, Hitoshi Levi.

Call Me ;D

making stalking even easier!

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