Welcome to my personal space on Gaia; formally known as Lady Cressida. I have been around on Gaia since 2004, so I guess I'm an veteran. I'm in my late 20's living in the Great White North., and just an ordinary gal that is a Pokemon nerd. I have an obsession with the world of graphic arts, art, fashion, photography, and music. In my leisure time I like to play video games, taking photos, sewing, dolling, or sleeping.

I don't like assholes, nor judgmental pricks, hardcore psychotic fans of any sort, extremists, immature whining bitches, and weebs

I like socializing, so feel free to gab.

Updates: Like this theme? It's now available on my tumblr. Click on the premade profile link below and it will take you there.

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Mister Ridiculous Report | 09/02/2015 10:49 pm
thank you for your purchase
IVIoon Bunny Report | 08/24/2015 6:13 pm
I'll try to register for a new acc for skype~ Hopefully that will work ; u ;
IVIoon Bunny Report | 08/12/2015 2:29 pm
It's just so tempting to go for the expensive items for a cosplay u w u''
Really? People asked you about the hair? I thought that every SM cosplay already knew about the hair. I guess I was wrong, as always.
IVIoon Bunny Report | 08/12/2015 2:18 pm
A minion army of Usagis...that sounds adorable xD! But yeah, there's so many options for people to use but a majority of Senshi cosplayers go for, well, extremely common items. I tried to make my Eternal avi different and someone just steals it. I'm never sending my equipped list to someone unless it's a very good friend. - u - " I'm stupid. I shouldn't have sent it to her. I didn't know she would rip off my avi...

I need to lessen my time on Gaia just so that I could step outside and hunt for a boyfriend...or more friends. Skype is convenient for chatting and I need to re-install it so I could talk to my Chibiusa ;u;
IVIoon Bunny Report | 08/12/2015 1:57 pm
Aha~ I've been doing pretty well... I'm just upset that someone attempted to copy my eternal avi ;~; Well...I've barely been online for 2 weeks. I'd log in about 1-2 times per day but now, I'm constantly on.
IVIoon Bunny Report | 08/12/2015 11:40 am
Awh~ I wish you the best of luck with everything~ emotion_hug
IVIoon Bunny Report | 08/10/2015 1:44 pm
Yeah. How have you been? emotion_bigheart
IVIoon Bunny Report | 07/22/2015 11:49 am
emotion_kirakira emotion_bigheart
IVIoon Bunny Report | 07/22/2015 9:43 am
Bleep~ emotion_bigheart
Untouchable Queen Saya Report | 07/05/2015 11:57 am
DragonBall Super is out and the hype train is going strong