Hi everyone and anyone visiting my profile or checking up on me!

Unfortunately, it's time for me to move on from this website. I am on an almost permanent hiatus. (Basically I'd only come back if Gaia magically changed someday and brought zOMG back, but what are the chances of that happening? Not very good.)

I really did enjoy my time here and I've made so many friends/acquaintances/petty enemies that I feel it's okay to leave now.

Please do not friend request me/pm me/ trade me on here. I will not accept or respond.

I am no longer making or fixing them. I apologize if yours has broken in some way, but I have too much going on in real life to work on them. Feel free to do what you like with them.

If you do want to stay in contact, there's a few different ways to reach me.

Skype: I have one and my username is kieraeffinga; Please include your gaia username in the contact request so I don't reject you.

League of Legends: I play this on the NA server. My summoner name is casteelle. Add and we can play sometime.

Tumblr: I'll follow you back if you tell me who you are in my asks! clicky

Thanks for all the fun guys.