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5 years in Gaia and I have never been approached by anyone in Towns.
(Not counting cybersmex n00bs)

Life is good when you make yourself laugh, even better when you make someone smile.



Totally important sh*t about me

I'm a 19 year old loser...That's all you need to know.
I like to play video games! (Usually mild in action)
I love World of Warcraft.
I love League of Legends.
I love Harvest Moon.
I love Animal Crossing.
I love going to Arcades.
I sometimes play Neopets, Minecraft, My Candy Love, etc.

Also, I like to eat fancy home meals, junk food, and anything that doesn't have cucumbers, chunky/raw tomatoes, and fruit.
I like to ride my bicycle.
I like to be around people most of the time.
I like doing creative stuff.
I like anime/manga/BL (but I don't seem enthusiastic about it most of the time)

I like a whole bunch of s**t.
I like ALMOST any type of music that has cool noises/instruments/sounds.
(Sometimes I pay attention to the singer's voice but it's mostly the background music for me that pleases my ears instantly)

I'm sure I like at least 1 or more songs from each genre, language, and year.
I like to "rewind" when it comes to searching for new songs. Which means I tend to usually want to hear songs from before I was born.
I am Mexican! (Well I guess a Mestizo to be accurate) My family was born in Mexico and I speak shitty spanish! (but I can't spell it well)
I was born in San Diego then moved to Baja California, then back to San Diego, then San Jose, then Malibu, and now back to San Jose.
Kinda sucked because I have becomed quite awkward through all that moving.
(Actually I was just secluded from people on my own...)
I've been stuck in Special Education since 3rd grade! I did enjoy school though.
I graduated later than I should have due to moving during the last months of 12th Grade. So I officially graduated in December in a totally different school. (Should have graduated in June 2014 but instead in December 2014)
I have ADHD and APD.
ADHD = Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder
APD = Auditory Processing Disorder

I have herd of Gaia when I was 12 and made an actual activated account when I was 13.
(I was also pretty stupid as a 13 year old! Forgive my present and future self.)
Bands/Singers that have the most songs that I like:
Kanye West
Fatboy Slim
Boys Noize
Studio Killers
Calle 13
Vampire Weekend
Daft Punk
...and much more! (I'm freaking lazy.)

Feel free to friend me! I might not be worthy enough to be your friend.



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