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cool avi
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Jiggly Wiggly Pufff

We can definitely plan a collision of characters between you and I. I just need to think of something you could work with. Did you have any personal back stories already in mind? ^^

And I'm really loving these three. I'm not good with creating characters out of my comfort zone. This is so fun to read.
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I feel a character should have some type of relic on them. And as their character development progresses, they can use magic using little to nothing at all. Is that cool? emotion_c8
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[align=center][img] url here [/img]

[b][size=16]My Identity, My Origin...[/b] [/size][/align]
[list][list][list][list][list][list][size=11] [color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Name: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Alias: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Age: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Gender: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Class: [/color] (Knight?, Cleric/Healer?, Warrior?, Mage?, etc etc.)
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Outside Job: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Personality: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Habits: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Relationships: [/color] [/size][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]

[align=center][b][size=16]My Image, Myself...[/b] [/size][/align]
[list][list][list][list][list][list][size=11][color=grey]>>>[/color] [color=#922724]Hair: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Eyes: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Height: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Weight: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Appearance: [/color]

[align=center][b][size=16]My History, My Legacy...[/b] [/size][/align]
[list][list][list][list][list][list][size=11] [color=#922724] [/color]


[align=center][b][size=16]My Gift... My Curse[/b] [/size][/align]
[list][list][list][list][list][list][size=11] [color=grey]>>>[/color] [color=#922724]Abilities: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Weaponry: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Fears and Weaknesses: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Talents:[/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Element: [/color] (you can only choose ONE element. Be creative! Let your imagination go wild.)
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Spell/Attack List: [/color] (Description is KEY!)


[align=center][b][size=16]Miscellaneous[/b][/size] [/align]
[list][list][list][list][list][list] [size=11][color=grey]>>>[/color] [color=#922724]Theme Song: [/color]
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Post Colors:[/color] #922724
[color=grey]❖[/color] [color=#922724]Username:[/color]

I have a code for it.

You could use that one! Or make up your own! I'm happy with anything you can make up! The more detailed the better. emotion_dowant omg Im so excited
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Jiggly Wiggly Pufff

If you're okay with me posting here? I'm happy with anything! ^^ And no no! You do not need to have seen Game of Thrones at all. I was just using it for an example to highlight the: fantasy tones. 3nodding

Honestly... can we use all the characters? They're so adorable! crying Which one do you feel you can utilize the most? I'm really fond of your Mechanic Girl. But, on a side note... may I use your two other OC's as support characters for my comic strip? I love their designs.

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crying crying crying Thank you crying crying heart heart heart
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My Story Plot:
With great power comes great responsibility. Magic was soon being used for bloodshed and unjust reasons. Humans, Dragonkins, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, Merfolk, Faeries, and all the many races alike began to wage war against one another for power. The beautiful land Mother Earth had once created was quickly wounded by the flames of bitterness of war between races.
What took eons to create with love, was quickly obliterated with hated. The scarred Earth was near to tearing itself apart.

It was then, Mother Earth had realized what must be done. She took action and divided Earth; extracting every last drop of magical energy out of the war-torn planet Earth and imbued all the MANA Tree's energy into a new second independent planet which was called the Moon. With this course of action, all the creatures of Earth could no longer wield the dangerous power that is Magic. Magic was forever locked away within the Moon by Mother Earth's will. Yet, still worried, she decided to create God's to serve under her. They were to be the protectors of Magic on the Moon planet; their destinies were to forever veil such dangerous Elemental powers from Earth in order to avoid the same mistakes in the past.

Now, the Earth could heal once again. War came to a halt when Magic gradually became erased from many peoples minds. Humans were ever clever and they soon created technology in order to fulfill their most basic survival needs. Small traces of magic still existed, but in very little quantities. They were contained in relics, relics spread out across Earth's vasts regions, once wielded by powerful Sorcerers during Ancient Times. However, with no one really knowing how to use magic, such notions were viewed as myths in the new era. Anything involving magic soon became nothing more than a mere legend.

The story is slightly confusing, please forgive me. But my story is a very generic Fantasy type role play, but with an easy plot this gives us as creators the chance to make one hell of a fun story for our characters. 4laugh So the conflict would just be evil beings trying to take hold of the world. Have you seen Game of Thrones? In a sense I want my story to have a butt load of action and intense drama (WITH of course a butt load of magic and fantasy tones to it)

Here's a sample of my OC for my story so that you can have an idea of how to create yours. My OC profile isn't really as complete as I want it to be, so do not be afraid to fill out your characters profile as much as you'd like: Sofia
I insist you create a any story that YOU'd like for your character that way I have multiple stories we can form together to make things fun. You are free to roam anywhere for your character. No limits. Like, just as long as she's/he's a balanced character. 3nodding All in all, this is all for the enjoyment our of spare time and a hobby. Again I just love doing this for pure fun. But I love it. blaugh When it comes to a time-frame: there really isn't any. The world I made up for my story varies from location to location: FOR example, your character could live in a High Tech world in one half of the world while my character lives in a Steampunk related world in the other. If you're confused by any info just let me know.

If you're interested using, or creating a new OC (which I hope xd teehee! ) just fill out the original character profile using the most important of info (name, age, personality, bio, weapon, element of choice, etc etc) 3nodding
I'll PM you in my next reply so that I don't overflow you with info.

Thank you so much for the anime recommendation! I shall definitely give Lupin a try.
Adult swim really was the best back then. I mean I like the new animes today but they aren't as signature as the ones you've listed. ps I use to ship Inuyasha and Kagome so hard emotion_awesome

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No! Boo! omg thank you so much for considering me though. But no! You've spoiled me with enough gifts in the past already. crying Thank you so much!

I agree. Looking at Original Characters just makes me feel like I'm looking more into the initial creators personality. I think it's a neat way to connect with other people by sharing OCs.

Story collaborations!? My friend and I don't have the time to role play so we considered just talking about a story together. I'm in LOVE with Fantasy and Science Fiction so my story consists of a lot of Mythical genres to it. My friend and I just make up a bunch of characters and stories to pretty much make a novel of endless adventures. It sounds kinda corny, haha, but we both just love being creative like this on our spare time. I'm making a comic strip based off of the stories we come up with. 3nodding AAAAND, I' am looking for Original Characters made by others to help me with my story.
So, if you're interested, create or choose one of your OC's so I can have her appear in my story. xd A few people on my friendlist have already submitted their own characters. This is all for my hobby though, no profits will be made off this. I just love drawing so much on my spare time.

Boo! I'm totally with you on that, NEW ANIMES just don't spark my interests. All I watch IS old animes xd like: Inuyasha, Old Pokemon, Dragon Ball z, and a lot of older animes. What about you?
I feel older animes just feel so much more solid and interesting. I need to check out that Gundam you mentioned then I have no recalled watching that season! Gundam Seed is really weak in terms of plot, the only good with about it imo is the animation and art.

Lupin the 3rd! I heard from my cousins thats a good show. I need to watch now emotion_dowant
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Oh yes! I do hope they create a cream recolor soon. emotion_dowant

Sweet. I'll check out your OC link once I get my laptop back. I love Original Characters, I have no idea why.
And thats very true... if I don't really know a person I'm role playing with things get so stale. This is why I, personally, quit Roleplaying and began making my own story collaborations.

I reccomend watching on the site:
Search up the tag word: Anime, and you have a huge list to choose from. To watch pg-17 anime, where there's more action and gore, you just sign up for free. 3nodding I looove hulu.

Which Gundam Season did you like most? I was fond of Gundam Seed because the anime was really pretty.
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Jiggly Wiggly Pufff

I finally found the item! It's called, Decadent Frosting! But I wanted Gaia to make a cream color of it rather than brown. T - T SO right now Im trying to contact Gaia in their item suggestion forums.

I know what you mean when you say it's hard to get back into the rhythm of Role playing again. It's so difficult to find a group....
DO you have art of your OC? I would love to see it!

There's this new movie in the making, based off of robots: Battle Angel Alita. I think you might love it.


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