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Lynneth Anne

Report | 07/23/2016 10:59 pm

Lynneth Anne

I've lesson now lol. That's true since most the people that could afford to leave the country/send their kids out are rich. Plus in Chinese dramas, they always portray America as the place to go to live a better life and get rich, when in reality, most immigrants who come to the U.S. have a tough time starting, and are sometimes worse off than they were in China.That's why i'm always working hard to make sure my parents' work and sacrifices aren't wasted.

Anyway back to your previous comment!

Blahhhh I did buy some clothes. I'm petite so the clothes in America don't really fit me that well, so the sizes here fit me much better. Clothes here are much cheaper too, but the quality is pretty bad :'D. I'm leaving the 26th so that's two more days for me. I'm excited to go back home, but at the same time kinda sad, because I don't know when I'm visiting ever again so... When was the last time you visited China? o:

No I didn't get my hair washed at the salons. :c Do they do anything different that makes it feel nicer when they wash it?

Naruto is just dragging on for too long >.< The creator is making a sequel series based on his son, but honestly I think they should stop trying to milk more money out of the series. i think it's time for Naruto to end lol. I stopped in the middle of Shippuden, so I'll probably finish it whenever the anime is done. I hate leaving books/movies/shows unfinished. I've never watched Tokyo Ghoul but my friends seem to like it, though they do say the manga is much, much better.

My mom loves durian rofl I can't stand it because of the smell hahaha. I suppose durian flavored ice cream would taste better...

I'm sure you still look fine :'D Five pounds isn't bad at all haha. What is a tough mudder? Some type of race? Sounds kinda intense o:
Lynneth Anne

Report | 07/22/2016 9:53 am

Lynneth Anne

Before I répond to your comment, I have to quickly share this with you sad

Some people at the Chinese night market are ridiculously rude. I found some cute overalls and the owner asked for my size. I said I didn’t really know my size in terms of Chinese measuring because I came from America. So then she tried to make me pay an expensive price because she thought I was rich af since I came from America. And since I know those people at the night markets usually buy for cheap and sell their items at three or five times the original price, I tried to barter with her, which is extremely common in China, expected even, when buying in those shops. She wouldn't budge on the price so when I decided not to get the clothes and walk away, she was shouting something like "well if you’re that poor then why are you being a liar saying you're an exchange student to America, I wouldn't even take your money if you gave me US dollars" I'm not an rich exchange student coming back from America to visit China, I actually live in the US and came back to visit relatives lol. -_- But anyway there were people passing by and they were like wtf why is that lady so rude because she was shouting. Jeez people in China really think everyone in America live in mansions and are super rich. Well I've learned to never mention America ever in China when buying things lol.
Lynneth Anne

Report | 07/03/2016 12:49 am

Lynneth Anne

No I don't see my uncle until two or three more weeks, so I can't to give him the money until then. It's such a hassle when you actually don't want their money but they keep shoving the money at you :'D. Actually yesterday one of my grandma's sisters lied to me and said she owed my grandma money just so I would take the money. Then my grandma told me her sister didn't actually owe her anything and so my grandma tried to give the money back to her sister but her sister quickly drove away before she could lol.

Oh i've heard of the Imperial Doctress! Apparently t's pretty good c: Liu Shi Shi is a pretty good actress in general. She's starred in so many successful historical dramas o:
Do you watch the ones where the setting is in China before the communists and nationalists started fighting? I mean that era where Shanghai had really pretty night life and people wore qi-paos. Those are pretty good too (not as good as the ones set in ancient Chinese tho lol)

I haven't really done too much recently since I've already been to places to sight see and stuff. I have been visiting so many relatives though. China families are just so big :'D I don't even know what to call some of my relatives because they're not exactly aunts/uncles/cousins. Do you have people like that? Relatives that are so branched out in your family tree that you don't even know what to call them lol

I watched Soul Eater because my friend hates it hahaha. The anime was good in general but the ending kinda sucked. Apparently the manga is better though, but I'm too lazy to read :p I've seen Naruto too but I took a hiatus from it since it's so long and still going =_= I never really was that into anime but I have seen a couple.

I would send you ice cream if I could! Do you like taro ice cream? Those are the best. I think taro is one of my favorite flavors for anything really (especially froyo). I don't really like actual taro though for some reason :'D It's always so hot over in China really. Sometimes I just sit and don't move much and still sweat :c

What have you been up to lately :3 ?
Lynneth Anne

Report | 06/20/2016 2:25 am

Lynneth Anne

I think my speech went on for four minutes so it wasn't too long haha

I'm currently in Fuzhou in the province of Fujian. I got here a week ago with my grandma and I'm currently staying with my uncles family. I'm leaving at the end of July so I'll have one month to spare before heading off to college haha. My relatives keep giving me money and I have to do that awkward thing that all asians do where I tell them to take back the money then they shove it back into my hands then I shove it back at them and this keeps going until I give in lololol. i think I'm giving my aunt's money that she gave me to my uncle so he can give it back to her. Lol does that happen with you and your relatives? :'D

I haven't really seen any dramas lately. Has anything caught your attention? Maybe I can spare some time to watch a few during China hehe. I'm recently back into anime a little. I haven't really seen any anime in four years so it's kinda nice. Bleh does that fail me as a teenage asian? lol And also THE ICE CREAM HERE IS SO GOOD!!!
Lynneth Anne

Report | 06/18/2016 8:45 pm

Lynneth Anne

Lol it's okay really. I know people get busy irl haha heart
I got the speech done, and it wasn't bad once I got on stage. I didn't look at anyone in the audience so I wouldn't get nervous :'D
I'm actually in China right now visiting relatives :3
How have you been? What have you been up too?
Lynneth Anne

Report | 04/27/2016 1:38 pm

Lynneth Anne

My spring break was a week but I had homework due everyday so it was hardly a break :'c
That's nice of you coming back to talk to me OuO
I feel so special hehehehe heart *reels you back into the Gaia dump*

"he's a bit short for her liking"
BWAHAHAHA (sorry had to because I'm short too teehee). I kinda feel bad now :'D Is your friend tall? Or was he just really short? Poor dude he sounds like a nice guy
Do your parents set up these dates? Because I know that's a very Asian thing to do nowadays for parents to set up their children to see if they're compatible with their friends' daughter or son. The traditional Asian parents are always like "OMG GET MARRY NOW! I NEED GRAND CHILD NOW! MAKE FAMILY!" lololol (exagerrating a bit of course). The other day my mom told me that in college the only people I should date are people who are either better than me academically and achievement wise or at least at my level. Lol alright mum I'll go find a bf at Harvard med and you'll be happy.

Bwaaahhh thanks for the items you're always so generous ;w; I seem to have good luck finding good Gaia friends that I can actually see as real people. Usually people here are the ones who go on CB and post inappropriate stuff or brag about their money in the Exchange lol. I've been doing alright :'D My physics teacher decicded to give us a final (even though AP students aren't actually required to take one) and the final is taking us an entire week to complete (lol kill me already). The best part is we're taking the AP exam next week!! So next week will be death week because I have so many AP exams x_x but after that I'll only have two weeks of school left and those two weeks are basically a joke since we've already completed the curriculum in many classes (I guess we're just watching movies for two weeks lol). Bleeeehh I really hope Brown takes me off the waitlist. I've been wanting to go there since I was a little girl haha. And btw I'm officially Valedictorian! Except now I get to make lots of speeches! Fun!!!!
Lynneth Anne

Report | 04/14/2016 1:29 pm

Lynneth Anne


I have spring break for a week after tomorrow so that's be fun
Where have you been? :'D
And have you found yourself a good date?

Also I got waitlisted by my top school DX ;-;
Lynneth Anne

Report | 03/23/2016 2:54 pm

Lynneth Anne

Diaaannny wheeereee have you beeenn? D: heart
Lynneth Anne

Report | 03/01/2016 12:23 pm

Lynneth Anne

What's a legal assistant? :'D

I did finish it! It's so good omg >< You should definitely watch it. The main character is played by Hu Ge. Idk if you know him or not but definitely give it a try! The name is Lang Ya Ban Definitely one of the best dramas I've seen in awhile. It's a completed drama too ha. I've never actually seen a kdrama before. Anything that you recommend? o: I know My Love from the Stars was super popular but that's about it haha. I was thinking I'd start a kdrama with one of my friends this summer. We're both excited heehee

Yikes yikes yikes. At least she got rid of him. Obviously he didn't really care for her so she's probably better off without him anyway :C Hope she's feeling well. Who did you bring as your date? wink

I'm pretty sure I failed my physics test rofl Oh well. I'll have to get a B in a class one point or another and this class might be it *sigh* oh well
Lynneth Anne

Report | 02/27/2016 5:37 pm

Lynneth Anne

It's no problem! I know people are busy irl anyway. What job do you work at? c:
I just finished my drama too and idk what to do anymore lol. There's nothing to look forward to. I can't believe you actually cried, though that scene was really sad. But he'd get killed if he were to come out of that room anyway ._. But the emperor didn't die so peacefully so he got what he deserved too. Zhen Huan was completely pissed at him too and told thim all those things he didn't know and he was too angry to even do anything and just died o-o Poor thing
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