I've been on Gaia, in total, a little over 8 years. This account is my second and is going on 7 years. Though i did go on hiatus for a while.... and i come back to a Super Inflated Marketplace! *sigh* At least i went on hiatus with a few good (sellable) items in my inventory so it's not Too horrible.
Anyways i like joking around and (try) to cheer people up when they're down.
I love anon gifting and helping others with their quests when i can, people have done it for me in the past and it's always nice to return the favor.
Moving on, below is a (short version) list of things i "Love" and anything else you want to know you can ask if it pleases you.
Ja Ne~

Things I Love:
♙Video Games (SMT, FF, Tales of...)
♙ Being outside when the sun isn't blazing
♙ Classic Horror movies/ Asian horror movies
♙ Games (card games, word games, board games)
♙ Rain, Beaches, and Bonfires



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Kenya The Werekat

Report | 10/04/2014 6:00 pm

Kenya The Werekat

awe thank you. I really like your avi as well

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Thank you<3

Report | 08/21/2014 10:16 pm


Oo, that does. Sorry, I got swamped in life's goo of discord. But, the goo finally decided to go and leave me for some rest for now. It's really nice to hear from you too. I feel like the dark clouds in my mind disperse with every interaction~

The Book of Life is directed by Guillermo del Toro, who also did Pacific Rim. The whole preview is like a color festival. I'm not sure when Ronia is going to air in Japan, but I bet that it'll be around sometime near October or November. Yeah, it is such a shame and that's probably why I lost all hype after seeing the animation in the first episode. The art in the game is so much superior compared to the animation. Zankyou is taking a break this coming week, so it's a good time to catch up. Which reminds me, I haven't finished up watching Yu-Gi-Oh GX or Gurenn Lagann. I've been meaning to catch up on these but I just haven't found a good time to do so.

Thanks, and it's alright. No need to be quiet, I don't mind. My mother came back from her session today and the doctor said that she's getting better every week. It was a tough decision to make, but because she couldn't swallow very well towards the end of last year, the doctors had to put it in. Looking back, everything seemed so bleak. It's really a miracle that she's made it this far. Also, I'm sending my father to go to the emergency room tomorrow. He's been feeling ill and stressed out. I'm getting a bit stressed and frantic about my future, honestly. It's frightening to think that I could be spending a good portion of my life just not getting anywhere. Sometimes I wonder how do people find their way out of these kinds of sticky situations.

That's awesome! Congratulations for you and your mother too! It's very nice to hear that she's found a great boyfriend. It's really nice to cook with your family. Ever since my mom couldn't make meals for the family anymore, my dad and I had to prepare them. They're just simple repetitive dishes with something different, occasionally. My dad has to do all the shopping and we're kinda picky about ingredients. Kimchi pancake sounds delicious. If we ever meet up, may I also get the chance to try one? lol I have to ask where is Lompoc? question

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UUUUAAAAAGGGHHH, I'm back from the land of sleepers. How's everything going?

I saw the trailer for the Book of Life and it looks pretty amazing. Heck, most of the animation movies that come out this year look so boss. I hear that Goro Miyazaki is also going to make a TV series called Ronia the Robber's Daughter (which is supposedly based off of Pipi Longstocking). I stopped watching DMMD, because the animation is just so bad and also because I don't want to see Mizuki go into coma. I'll eventually start it back up though. Have you heard about Zankyou no Terror? It's Shinichiro Watanabe's newest anime, and the music is by Yoko Kanno. I love the story so far, and it makes me sad to wait a week before watching the next installment. I would really recommend it. As for my mom, she is now taking swallowing therapy every Thursday. If all goes well she'll be able to remove her G-tube and be able to wander around as she pleases. We're also changing her medicine and hoping that it'll improve her condition more.

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Hyaa!!! I love your current avatar!!! OwO
It's so pretty and cute! >w<

Anyways, I didn't even notice that time went by this fast. These days, I end up waking up around 9 am- 10 am. Hoping to wake up earlier though.
Yup. The Hades' ending I got took a passionate turn and made me giggle like an idiot as I was listening to the conversation. Kamigami's anime ended today. It was pretty hilarious seeing all the gods do magical girl transformation sequences/ poses. I don't know what happened with Loki, but he lost his top in the last fight for "seemingly" no reason. Anyways, the game music isn't available because no one really recorded the soundtrack from the game. Most of the songs that were released were on a drama CD, but some songs got excluded. I managed to get them though. As for DMMD, I watched most of it on youtube. But, I plan to play through it when the anime comes out next month. SLDKFAKLDFALSH. HTTYD2 was so awesome! All my feels were with that movie. @w@
Mom hasn't changed for good or bad. It's somewhere in between as of right now, but good news is that her constipation is improving a little bit.
Yue Se Fen

Report | 06/08/2014 11:13 pm

Yue Se Fen

I'm just passing by to say: I totally dig your avatar! biggrin

and we both like asian horror COUGH COUGH

Report | 06/04/2014 2:42 pm


I kinda sped through the rest of the routes. >^> But the ending I got for him was really...uh...spectacular for the ears. I'm thinking about replaying his route when I have time and get all of the other endings for him. Overall, I liked his route and Loki's the most. The rest weren't as exciting, with the exception of Takeru and Balder's normal endings. Right now, I'm in despair because there's these piano versions for all the characters themes but...the game itself doesn't have a soundtrack besides the drama cd. So it's quite a bummer. Anyways, all that's left is to probably translate the screenshots I got. I am now hyped up for Dramatical Murder and HTTYD2! >3< sdlfkasdlkfhasklhkah, I'm hoping that I could go see HTTYD2 in theaters. I really want Dreamworks to have a great performance at the box office.

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So, after playing through all of Loki's route...I have to say his fate endings are freaking depressing and bittersweet. His love endings are just so cute and adorable! I really really like his voice actor.
I'm going to have to give his route a 10/10. Really enjoyable! I'm going to go through Hades' route next.
Daisy 10 17

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Daisy 10 17

Thanks for buying biggrin
Hope it goes well.

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I recently finished Space Dandy, and I loved it! Really entertaining and QT is just a cutie, Meow is funny, and Dandy is a dandy space man. My favorite episodes so far were 6,7, and 13. I'm eagerly looking forward to season 2 in July. As for Loki's Extra Curricular Chapter, I just recently learned a trick that could've saved me a few hours on editing. >^> Hm...7. My favorite moments in this chapter so far were when the heroine accidentally mentions the Going Home Club and when Balder thought that there really was flying meat somewhere on the tennis court.