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❝ c r u s h ❞
Skype: Nezreen132 / Kik: iiMeanie
Singel ☐Taken ☐ Buzz off ,pretty boy! ; )
just because i don't like guys in gaia.
it doesn't mean i'm lesbian. i'm straight!

Call me Meanie
Age is just a silly number. from Cairo ,Egypt.
i'm usually too kind and a sweetheart. but sometimes.
i'm mean and too honest that you may not handle it.
I hate fake people ,people who see themselves alot.
I'm a badass. i love basketball .RNB is my addiction.
Gaming is my passion, I'm a gamer. I'm a cat lover.
I'm always in gaia. you'd find me in CB ,Rally & Vh.
I love random PM // comments so yea .. do eeet!!

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Ask because i love dem.

My Target
you wot m8

My Momma <3