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Gender: Female

Birthday: 11/02/1991

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How I feel

About me.

"Quoth The Raven." "Nevermore."

It's pretty safe to say, that my mind has left the building.

~IDFK... Me~

Pansexual Demisexual; Married. Kitten; collared, spoiled and loved.
24; Atheist; Music Addict; Hate People; Love to Swear.
Love Roleplaying, not Pixel ********.
I change my hair color whenever I ******** feel like it. (Currently Green.)
Tendency to be flirty, doesn't mean I want you, and unless I say I have genuine interest as such, I don't.

What I Think of Your Opinions & if You Do Not Like Me.


"Darling, you Better ********' Believe
I've completely lost my mind.
I'm made of the fears that live in your Subconscious.
My bark is just as bad as my bite.
Don't mistake me for someone sweet,
I'd kiss your forehead as I cut your pretty ******** head off."

I make & sell Perler Bead projects.
Don't know what that is? Here.

|Misanthropic Agoraphobic Socially Anxious Music Addict.|


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