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Jesse Theory

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I'm Jesse.
I've been on this plane of existence for 24 years now.
The day I was accepted into this world as a human being was December 6th.
I'm a "fire element." ~ Sagittarius ~ I'm also a "water element." ~Monkey~
I'm average.
People say I'm nice, I don't believe most of them.
People say I'm funny, I'm pretty sure I'm only funny to them, you wouldn't get it.
People say I'm talented, I agree that I have talents, but, I do not excel in them, there will always be someone better, not that I'm concerned with it.
People say I'm a poet, or even a lyricist, I can rhyme, I can make words flow together nicely, I can make pretty phrases, but, I'm not that great at all.
I like video games, I'm not amazingly skilled at any, but I have an incredible memory for things, especially in game.
I like cards games. Magic, The Gathering for sure. I know how to play Pokemon TCG, and Yu-Gi-Oh as well. I never learned Digimon, or any of the thousand other TCG's out there. I'm not that great at TCG's anyways.
I love the arts of music, literature, and visual types of art. Pictures, paintings, album art, tattoo's, piercings and other body modifications.
I love a sunny day, when it's warm, maybe a light breeze, and clear blue skies.
I love a dark night, when it's cold, maybe some thunder and lightning, and dark, foreboding skies full of mighty thunderheads, waiting to unleash a furious, vicious torrent of rain upon the earth.
I love the blue time of day right before the sun rises, everything has a near mystical quality, and it is so very peaceful. It's what I think dying in your sleep would be like.
I probably have more things I could put here, but, if you're still reading this, you're probably just waiting for the end.
I'm Jesse, I'm average, I'm lame, I'm happy with life, but I dislike myself,
Let's be friendly strangers, or strangely friends.
I love conversation, so, send me a PM, or drop a comment.
The End.



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