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Interested in a Sword of Truth fan-fiction?

---Then boy do I have a good story for you to read!
There's a series of books that I truly love. The first in the series is Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. If you're a fan of fantasy and adventure, as well as a fan of the truth, then this series is for you.

---Have you ever read a book and felt sucked in because the hours just whiz by? Did you ever try to put yourself into the story with the characters - interacting with the world inside the covers?

---If you answered yes, then my fan-fiction is for you.

---Have at it. Here's Chapter One.
---If you find that you want to continue reading the series, I have URLs at the bottom of each chapter leading to the next/previous chapter.

---Please enjoy.

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Art for me!

I am wanting to buy art, so if you're interested in drawing my requests, PM me!
Remember though, I can't reply unless your PMs are OPEN.

Current Request::

Received thus far:

From: Aphoticia

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Art for you!

Want some art done for you?
Don't care if it's crappy or less than perfect quality?
Then shoot me a profile comment!

I love to practice. =)