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Interested in a Sword of Truth fan-fiction?

---Then boy do I have a good story for you to read!
There's a series of books that I truly love. The first in the series is Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind. If you're a fan of fantasy and adventure, as well as a fan of the truth, then this series is for you.

---Have you ever read a book and felt sucked in because the hours just whiz by? Did you ever try to put yourself into the story with the characters - interacting with the world inside the covers?

---If you answered yes, then my fan-fiction is for you.

---Have at it. Here's Chapter One.
---If you find that you want to continue reading the series, I have URLs at the bottom of each chapter leading to the next/previous chapter.

---Please enjoy.

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---------Hello! I'm Aze Combat. You can call me Aze, Azzy, AC or - just going out on a limb here: Katrina. Katrina is my real name, after all. Therefore, you may also call me Katy. I haven't been as active on Gaia lately as I once used to be, so if you find a desire to reach me, you may find me on XBL: PrevalentK.

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---------I'm female. My birthday is 06 April 1992, which means I'm 22 and that I'm an Aries. I'm about 5'4'', brown eyes, really long brown hair and I wear glasses. I've lived in the United States my whole life. I served in the US Army until I acquired a hip injury. I'm straight. I'm taken.

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--------If you want to know anything about me, feel free to PM me.