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Gender: Female

Location: Texas

Birthday: 04/06/1992

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Hello! I'm Aze Combat. You can call me Aze, Azzy, AC or - just going out on a limb here: Katrina. Katrina is my real name, after all. Therefore, you may also call me Katy.

I know my username may resemble 'Azura' from The Elder Scrolls, but I promise you that I am no Daedric Prince (I mean, if you wanna worship me, that's cool. I'd rather you didn't though. It'd be awkward as Oblivion).

I'm female. My birthday is 06 April 1992, which means I'm 22 and that I'm an Aries. I'm about 5'4'', brown eyes, really long brown hair (like, my bangs go past my elbows and the rest goes beyond my butt) and I wear glasses. I've lived in the United States my whole life. I served in the US Army until I acquired a hip injury. I'm straight. Oh, and I'm taken by this wonderful guy. smilies/icon_heart.gif

I've moved around quite a bit, had some life-changing experiences and gained a chunk of wisdom that I don't dare mess with. No, I'm not saying to come to me for advice. I'm not stone-cold, but I am brutally honest. I'm also charitable - at random, sometimes anonymously.

Well, you're probably getting bored now. Unless you're one of those fine people who actually read through everything on a user's profile. Good on ya. I really appreciate people who pay attention to detail and are committed enough to - having once started - finish.

Anyway, here's some flat facts for you, copy-cat style.

Video games, Rooster Teeth, pajamas, pineapples, discipline, bi-color roses, reading, getting dressed up, drawing, writing, the WG Forum, astrology, armor, neoclassical architecture, Sword of Truth, comedy, YouTube, poster frames, collecting, classical music, stuffed animals, coffee, cleaning, Rarity, knee-high socks, mountains, baking, sleeping, gardening, being barefoot, honesty, technology...

Extreme heat, hardwood floors, scary movies, people who can't stick to the plot they wrote, liars, anime, rhubarb, stepping in gum, wind, disorganization, wooden pencils, Pinkie Pie, when t-shirts aren't evenly seamed, people who purposely butcher the English language, trolls of the internet variety...

If you want to know anything else, feel free to conduct an interview on me via PM. Of course, if you want advice, I can offer it, but it'll be fairly passive.

Timmy & Me <3

Screenies of our finest moments~